Friday, October 3, 2014

36 Weeks!

Baby girl is officially 36 weeks and given the meds are no longer stopping contractions, we began our prep for her coming. I desperately needed a pedicure, who doesn't want to see cute toes after not seeing them for so long! Keila can always use some girl time so we went together and enjoyed the pampering. She loved the massage chair and especially the flowers with the link center jewels on her big toes.
Thereafter we went out for our customary dim sum lunch and after a much needed nap Isaac and I played a few games together. It was a wonderfully relaxing Saturday as a family which was exactly what we needed. Coming off the Niphedipine really showed because later that night (or early Sunday morning) the contractions were extremely painful and coming every 10 mins. I was a little concerned as baby girls movements seemed erratic, so we called someone over and went in to the hospital to monitor her. She's doing just fine though, her heartbeat was regular, but with every contractions she was pushing back with all her might - which only induced more contractions! I have a sneaking feeling I have a little spitfire girl by the ways my belly distorted in all sorts of unimaginable ways.

Since then I've dropped even further, enough that the ultrasound tech can't get a clear shot of her face, including her eyes, she's just too far down. The concern is now more about my bones spreading too far apart, a dislocations of sorts if you will (known as SPD or leading to diastasis symphysis pubis). The acetaminophen keeps the worst of the pain at bay and I'm exhausted by night. We're ready for her but some things just can't be rushed. Until then, I learn patience - something I was never very good at anyhow, and keep the perspective that great pain can bring great joy - spiritually, mentally and oh my gosh, yes physically! :)
The last face shot of her a week ago. Have to wonder if she'll really come out with such pouty Angelina Jolie lips.