Monday, April 21, 2014

A Walking Man!

We've known for a while that Eli could walk, but it was a matter of him finding the confidence to do it. He was on the verge when we went on our trip to DC but the infection in his toe caused him such swelling and damage in the tissues that we knew it would set him back for a while. We didn't push walking simply because we were unsure of how sore his foot would be and somehow along the way we forgot about working in it. Eli didn't though. He's watched all his friends at the preschool nursery walking and he wants nothing more than to be like his brother and sister. So one day while I was eating lunch I heard him squeal with delight and he then he came tottering in breathless excitement toward me - he was walking and best of all, he knew it! I was nearly to tears by the time I finished recording this video.

I wish the video could capture his hyperventilating. He was just so thrilled and clear indication of how hard he has worked to get here. Ever since then he never goes back to 'spider-boy' crawl. A week later in the preschool he was kicking a soccer ball around, just like his big brother. This kid has aspirations and once he gets a toehold, nothing is going to stop him. Watch out world, here come Elias Montierth!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April Happenings

April has been sucha busy month but I didn't want to miss out on posting our activities. Isaac has begun soccer and while its not his choice in sports, he's grown fairly ept at it as he's practiced. Enough that I think he's developed a certain pride in working hard at something that doesn't come naturally - always a good experience to have. It doesn't hurt that its a great outlet for his energy, something I'm always grateful for!

In some of the pictures, as kent catches him in motion I get a glimpse of hims as a young man, it scares me a little how quickly time flies!

We also hit the annual Special Kids Day at McCormick Stillman Railroad Park. It's so fun to see al, our friends from Sharing DS of AZ as well as make new friends with those that have similar challenges. Out Bubby gives us a whole another view and connection to enjoy. I'm sure the ice cream and snow cones help out too!

We also attended the annual Easter egg hunt at the peoria sports complex. It was Eli's first year to walk out on the field and pick up his own candy. It was a little bewildering at first for him. I'm grateful it's arranged by ages and we found a nice patch of candy to slowly collect while other parents ran with their little ones to gather more. I alway find it amusing that the announcer has to remind the parents that the children must collect the candy, NOT the parents!

The kiddos enjoyed a few crafts and a little bit of candy before we had to rush off for Isaac's soccer game.

Easter morning had Keila insisting on curling her hair for the special day. As usually, the Easter bunny came to visit while we were at church -sneaky fellow. At least it spares their primary teachers from another child high on sugar. There were 18 eggs to be found and explicit instructions that Eli was to help collect as much as his faster siblings.

And finally there was the annual ice crem social at Stepping Stones Preschool. Eli loved dancing with me to the music and got his first taste of a lollipop. Isaac went right back to digging for 'treasures' like he did in the old days though the cute little baby bunnies tempted him to try the petting zoo for once. Keila must have the best luck in the world because she was picked once again for one of the raffle basket -this year it was all about My Little Ponies. Kent and I also won the silent action for the balance bike. After nearly breaking his back to teach Isaac, we thought this a rather worthwhile investment, especially given there will be 3 more kiddos to teach!