Saturday, August 15, 2015

Happy Holiday - for Me!

Back to school is now herald as a new holiday of boundless joys for me! This last summer was insanity at times but we all survived and are all eager to get back to school.

Meet the teacher night: Keila now has Isaac's first grade teacher, Mrs. Kloft who handles the kids well and has a great relaxed personality. Isaac has already elaborated all her virtues for Bug so she is excited to some degree. I'm sure as things fall into a routine she will grow to love it.
Bud has Mrs. Patti for his teacher. While it was an extremely busy evening for her, she took the time to answer all of Isaac's questions. She's wonderfully organized and I hope this year between the two of us we can get Isaac some of those much needed skills.
First day shots are a must and even include Eli this year!
While dropping Keila off to class, I managed a few shots of Isaac going into his.
Pumpkin and I will relish the uninterrupted playtime and I will begin the task of slowly reclaiming the house! Happy back to school day!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Birthday Celebrations!

We love to celebrate birthdays around here. It's the time the kids are guaranteed one on one time with Kent and I. This year was no exception. Since her birthday actually falls on the first day of school we celebrated the weekend before. Kent took our 'Lilybug' to a mirror maze out in Scottsdale and they had a fun. But if you ask her what her favorite part of the birthday celebration it was going out to dinner with me and then heading to the mall where we window shopped(sparkly shoes were a particular favorite for her!), played in the childrens area and looking over old pictures of her on the blog
The following day she had a small tea party with two of her friends. There was a small dance party, dress up and running away from the 'Evil Queen' and her baby. All of which was accompanied by much screaming and laughter.
It was wonderful to see her open up and play with friends.

Sunday night we had cake with our favorite Grandma. Helen's son, Jeff celebrated his birthday just days before and her dog Buster has the same birthday as our Lily-bug. Cake and friends - life is good!
On Monday I came early to the school to share a birthday treat with her kindergarten class. Her teacher gave her 6 hugs and sang a special birthday song. It was the perfect way to warm my bug love up to the idea of school.
We're so grateful to have this Bug-love in our life. Happy birthday my love!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Summer 2015

Summer is nearly at an end and I am ready to sing praises to that! It has been physically and emotionally taxing to have everyone home, especially with the littlest two. Some days we're able to just have fun and other days it's as if everyone is at each others throats. Space and individual activities will bring back the loving feeling .... I hope!

We had lots of friends come and stay with us this summer. Sometimes it was just an overnighter, other times it was for a few days, either way, it was a great diversion for my older two while maintaining a schedule for the youngest two. We played at parks when it was cooler, hit the Glendale Rec water park when it was hot and even had water balloon fights in our backyard.

Friends from Snowflake came with their two boys and one girl. Isaac was in heaven and Keila could practice being the nurturing older sister.
Friends from Tucson came that date back to our horror year in Albuquerque. Wish I had thought of the camera before it was dead late with no light. We will just have to have another excuse to get together!

Fourth of July with friends from Queen Creek.
Those same two families combined! Kids had a blast and made lots of memories.

Our only trip was out to Snowflake to visit the same friends that came and saw us. It was a welcome relief from the heat and I LOVED the fact the children played outside so much. We took a small hike up on the Rim. Eli had to work his core muscles hard with the uneven surface and Keila had a little ladybug friend land in her hair.
There was an empty lot across the street where they could explore and find bugs to their hearts content. There were more ladybugs and pill bugs than Keila could begin to count. Isaac had the guy friend who was obsessed as he was with Legos and fort building.

Ever the teacher - I had them take art classes, a nice counterpoint to swim team.
Isaac wanted all his art work to be documented
Keila's own gallery of her favorites
Swim team end of season party. Eli and Leora got their very first otter pops!

We had cooking lessons and it was so successful, I'm planning on it again next summer. The older two are now ept at making egg and cheese burritos, cheese quesidillas, grilled cheese sandwiches and the Hawaiian favorite of musubi. While they still require supervision, my hope is to have them practice enough that by next summer we can add 4 more things to their repetoire!
Apparently it's true that everything tastes better when you make it yourself!

Isaac starting Cub scouts.
Shared summer treats.
There were many days like the picture below, but I realize time passes quickly. Documenting all this insanity will leave a smile on my face ... someday! Until then, just seven days until school starts!!!