Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Aubrey Ngai

Over Labor Day weekend we went to Las Vegas to meet the first niece on my side of the family- darling Aubrey Carole Ngai! Don't you just love her!

We spent a great deal of time with Becky's family and as always, her mom, Linda was the consummate host! The children played happily with toys and games and even got to feed ducks and fish. (of course Isaac fell in the pond twice!) When the rest of the family got there the pool party began and if we let him, Isaac would have lived in it permenantly!

On Sunday we attended the baby blessing and we back to Linda's for more great food once again. I'm grateful we had our 'second wife with us to capture some of these great shots.

It was a little strange to think back and realize that it had been nearly 4 days to the date that we were there for Becky and joes wedding. Linda keeps a lot of memory books floating about and I looked back on the pictures of that event surprised to see Keila as a 3 week old baby and Isaac witha little baby chubs. Now Isaac has thinned out and Leila's become a beautiful young lady and Elias has opined our little troop. Time passes much too quickly.

Unfortunately I was not as good to use the camera while we stayed at Brian and Kari hangs. Our kids bonded instantly with theirs and I wished I'd capture the images of them chasing each other around in circles, or the camping done in the closet witha glowing toy hamster as a fire. Isaac finally had some old enough friends who would play rounds of UNO or Mario with him and he had a compatriots with Logan in discussing all thing superheroes or Star Wars. Keila surprised me as well, she usually clings closer to me but in Julia she had the older sister she always wanted and in Sophia she was a willing silly and giggly companion. Damian, their youngest felt a little left behind but I have a feeling that when Eli gets a little older those two will be good buds.

As always we were feed around the clock and when the kids went to bed we stayed up playing games. This time around it was mahjong and kent had to take a picture of is great win. If we had betted with M&Ms he'd had made a profit of 128! Ah, the joys of Mormon gambling! ;)
We stayed a day longer than we intended but Isaac complained it wasn't enough time. We're hoping for to send spring break together.

It was a packed but wonderful 4 days. We need a few days to decompress, especially Eli, but preschool starts tomorrow so it'll be rough jump back but it was all worth it! Time with family and friends is priceless!

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