Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mathematical Equation

I've decided that the time it takes for a mother to leave her home with her children is very much a mathematical equation. Take the number of children and multiply the number of diapers that need to be changed, added with the number of children who are 'potty trained' multiplied by 2 (since there's more time in catching the kid and getting them to sit down and use the potty) and then adding the number of children multiplied by each item of clothing required (ie, pants, shirt, shoes and socks) and then finally added 5 minutes to each seatbelt/carseat that needs to be strapped. At which point you sit breathless in the car wondering if it would be just better to stay at home! I only have 2 now, and one doesn't struggle a whole lot ... what the heck is suppose to happen when you have more?!! ;0)

Monday, August 24, 2009


I was asked the other day if Keila was an 'easy baby' compared with Isaac. My initial response was to say yes and yet as I thought on it more I changed my mind. First time motherhood was overwhelming given all the new experiences that a person would be inundated with almost daily. Nursing, bathing, diaper changing, doctor visits, jaundice, developmental markers, shots, sleep schedules/ lack of sleep, spit up, etc. The list is long and I remember feeling a bit like I was on a rickety raft holding for dear life, just grateful when I passed the next wave. Given my control issues, it's rather miraculous that I ever embarked on the adventure of parenthood! In the meantime, my poor firstborn had to bear with an ever anxious parent. I've come to see how I am the barometer in my home - when Mama's not happy ... no one is! It's become even more important to me that I find a center of peace, an anchor to ride the waves. It's also helped to know I'm in somewhat familiar terrain.

So in answering the question, yes, some things are easier, but not due to the temperament of the child, but to mine. I'm thankful to say that I've learned a little more faith and how to work in partnership with the Lord in raising a child. There will always be unknown territory ahead, but I'm better grounded ... at least for the moment! ;0) Ask me again tomorrow!

My angel heart girl in quiet slumber! She had her 2 week appointment today and she's already 8lbs and 1.5 ounces!

I found a great toddler activity book and 'painted toast' is one of Isaac's favorites. Use a few tablespoons of milk with a drop of food coloring and it's paint for white bread that we make into toast for lunch. This is Isaac's latest artwork!

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Arrival of a Little Miracle

Announcing the arrival of the ever precious Keila Hiu Yan Montierth on August 10, 2009! Having dropped over 3 weeks early, she kept her family anxiously waiting for her appearance. Every doctor visit, each arrhythmic contraction and twinges had her parents wondering if this was the day. Ten days before Keila was due the Dr. DeSalvo asked how Mama was, and in a sudden fit of tears, she explained that the last 3 weeks she could hardly sleep, let alone function due to pelvic pain. As luck would have it, the maternity ward was practically empty with no scheduled inductions. Mama was offered to celebrate a birthday that afternoon! In a state of shock, Papa was called home to grab the bags while Mama went straight to the hospital. Isaac camped out with the Bakers and had a blast. By 3:21 in the afternoon, after 4 hard contractions Keila was laid on her Mama's belly crying out the indignities of being born in a cold bright world. Aside from a short trip back to the hospital due to jaundice, Keila and Mama are home and doing well. Thanks to all who have offered help, prayers and support for the arrival of a beautiful daughter of God.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Got Sleep?

So the exhaustion of dealing with constant pain and discomfort hit me like a cement truck today. I napped a half hour while 'cuddling' with Isaac for Calliou, same thing for Sesame Street and Curious George. Afterwards we snuggled and read books. I've read these books a million times so I thought, "I'll just rest my eyes" ... pretty soon I heard a rather confused, "Mama?". Apparently I'd continued the story without turning the pages. Isaac took to gently patting me on the cheek every now and then throughout the remainder of our reading time. ;0)

He showed no interest in going to the library so rather than fight him, I told him to come get me on when he wanted to go. Instead he played 'camping' with his panda and Nookie and I dozed AGAIN on the couch. We watched Word World ... and yep I slept and after lunch he and I took a 2 hour 'restful' nap. You'd think I'd gotten enough sleep by now, but I'm ready to slip back into quiet oblivion once more. Gotta get it while I can! I'm dilated to a 2 now and she dropped further once again ... we hope she come soon otherwise I may be worn out before then! Once consolation is that it won't take half the pushing to get her out ... she's already there!

Isaac has been such a sweetheart today and displayed such a nurturing side that I had to take pictures. He kept tucking his Panda and Nookie (Nanook dog) into bed and singing the lullaby that I sing every night. Then he'd wake them up to read books and play. I can see him be the great big brother he's going to be soon!