Friday, April 30, 2010

Easter 2010

A mother's job is never, EVER done! So while going through the pictures of our trip I realized we never posted our Easter pictures. Unfortunately there is nothing interesting to relate other than we were ALL sick again - which seems to be our preferred method of spending all our holidays. We started with a small egg hunt and pictures in the morning and spent the day watching General Conference. It was quiet and peaceful and somewhat fitting considering we were celebrating our Savior's Resurrection. I am grateful for the significance of His sacrifice since it will allow all that has meaning in this life to continue in the hereafter.

The star of the season consenting to take a picture with the children ...

.... so long as they dont' touch her! Poor rabbit!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Little Body - Lotta Spirit!

Keila has shown such personality this last little while that it's a wonder her body can contain such spirit. The other day I sat her down to play on the floor in Isaac's room. She's rather methodical in her approach to new toys, taking a great deal of time to examine and turn it over in her hands and then tentatively test it out with her tongue and teeth. She can do this for over a half hour with a single new specimen and to some she might seem like she lacks the vibrant nature of her brother. Don't be deceived! When Isaac finally notice she had the toy in her mouth, he snatched it out of her hands and told her, "No, No Keila! Yucky!" I watched as her expression changed from surprise, (Hey, where did my toy go?) to shock, (how dare you!), and then outrage. The final was loudly expressed in what I can only take as her lecture to her brother (Yehhh.... Na, na, na ,NAAAA, Yeah ....) Which continues unabated for over 20 mins. Even when we left the room she was still muttering and everytinme he had the misfortune of being in her presence she let him know she was still displeased. On the other hand, there is no one else but Isaac that can make her roar with laughter. Either way, she definitely has a passionate reaction to her brother.

We also began sign language with her about a month ago just with eating food. I'm not sure how much she understands, but the grabbing motion of 'want' is more than obvious when you ask if she would like to eat Cheerios. She just lights up and both hands are moving quickly as if she can't contain her excitement. She loves food but is highly frustrated that she can't eat everything we eat. The few times she sits in my lap when I'm eating dinner, has her reaching for everything. With each successive 'no' from me, she starts to yell, and arch her back. There have been several times when she twists around and with both hands grabs at my mouth and tries to sneak her tiny fingers between my teeth. Obviously I place her back into her highchair where she's sure to tell you how unfair life is.

But along with all this is the other sweet side that just melts you like butter. She shows her love by leaning in on you with her head, something she's done several times to Isaac as we try and wake him from his nap. When I sing to her, she likes to tuck her head under my chin and suck on her two fingers while she listens to your heartbeat. She is my cuddle-bug and it is Mama that she loves to cuddle the most. We joke about how much she's a tease and a flirt with her off the shoulder smile while ducking her head just so, but my favorite is when she looks up at me with her big serious eyes and you watch a smile grow slowly within them till it light ups her entire face. When she's sure you've seen her happiness she'll nestle up again in my arms. No matter what the life brings, may we as mother and daughter always be able to love just so at the end of day.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's Not What it Looks Like

I took the opportunity while in Mexico to go for a run on the beach. It always seemed like the picture of vitality and good living. You know the scene, the rhythm of the waves, an long beach with only the early morning sun as company. Enamored thus with this image we arranged for me to go out alone.

At first it really was exhilarating. I loved the sea breeze and the call of seagulls circling for their breakfast. I was diverted with a few nicer dead shells and being the biologist I am, absolutely tickled to find live ones.

I found about 5 of these, all slightly hidden by seaweed and attempting to burrow deep with the tide headed out. I couldn't help but poke at the squishy mollusk and watching it slither into it's shell. I toyed with the idea of turning it upside down so the birds could get at it and then I could keep the shell, but that just didn't seem right, especially since i was suppose to be on a rejuvenating run.

I estimate that I did about a 3 mile run, while I typically go 4,and returned to my room happier and healthier woman. Just hours later I could feel vitality was diminishing in direct proportion to the a swelling and growing ache in my calves. Apparently when you're not accustom to running in sand, you stretch your Achilles tendon more than usual and hence the swelling. I guess I won't be running for a few weeks and that means all that extra food I ate while in Mexico will be sitting on my waistline a little longer. La sigh.

Sunset over the beach!

Isaac examining a tiny baby sanddollar.

Keila obviously didn't get the memo that we were on vacation and continued to wake up at 6 am, which meant she spent alot of time in the carrier on early morning walks so that Papa and Isaac could sleep longer. She soon learned to doze to the rhythm of my walking.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blessings, Sand Castles and Friends

This morning Isaac said his very own prayer. Over breakfast we had talked of all the blessings we have from Heavenly Father and Isaac (of his own accord) knelt down and gave a small prayer of thanks..."for chocolate muffing, the trip, to be safe, have fun" It was the sweetest thing. He really has been thrilled to be here.

Later after a walk along the beach we fulfilled a life long dream (albeit a short life) for Isaac today when we constructed a sand castle that he carefully decorated with shells he had collected earlier. We enlisted the help of 3 others who were from Dallas TX on their spring break. They were wonderful kids who admitted it seemed like such a 'baby' thing to do, but they loved it enough that Isaac and I gave them the bucket and shovel so they could continue after we had to leave for lunch.

After our fun with them we came back and Isaac said the lunch prayer all on his own. Again it was all for gratitude for the 'small things' that have made his day perfect. I too am grateful that I have a son that reminds me that the Lord's blessings are plentiful and are often the simplest things in life.

Utterly Enchanted!

Picture a salty breeze, 70 degree weather, private beach with endless miles of 'treasures' for a little boy's delight, picturesque views from restaurants with amazing exotic food and accompanied by music and a spacious Master Suite that feels like a glorified apartment. We finally made it to Puerto Penasco and we have all falling love with it.

It was amazing we even made the trip. Kent's father would never venture across the border unless they were getting teeth pulled (Literally! Cheap dental work for a self-employed man) and then only under the greatest suspicion that he was sure to be mugged. Unfortunately Kent inherited view some of that but I was determined. I spoke with a girl in my ward who regularly vacations down here and it sounded like a quieter and cheaper version of California. Best of all our timeshare got us a unit for the week for only $200. But the night before we discovered we didn't have Keila's birth certificate and the following day we found ourselves visiting Urgent Care twice to figure out why she was crying inconsolably - she had 2 ear infections. Armed with antibiotics and all proper documents, we left Monday morning.

We were unprepared for what we got. We knew our timeshare gave good accommodations, but this was nothing like what we pictured for a 'one bedroom suite'. The site is beautiful (see and all entrances are secured ensuring that the beach area is exclusively for Mayan Palace guests.

These are photos of our living room dining room and kitchen. The couches have beds that pull out that Isaac has loved making into forts. Our bedroom is to the side with 2 sinks, bath and shower and a water closet.

Isaac is in heaven and wants to move here so he can dig and pick up shells F-O-R-E-V-E-R! Kent and I feel a little like we're newlyweds again without the distractions of chores, work and cleaning. And Keila, well she loves that she's adored at every turn. The little flirt has a sweet smile and a way of ducking her head shyly at all the attention she gets.

We've gone digging in the beach for shells three times already, eaten a wonderful Italian buffet accompanied by various native flutes, shopped for some jewelery for me and enjoyed fresh seafood, tortillas and pastries. The plan is to go swimming tonight and eat something in our 'vacation home' while Isaac makes forts with all the pillows and their couches.

She looks just like a precious moments doll!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Changes Up Ahead

We've been so busy with life that it's often hard to find time to post about the big things coming our way, but here at last on vacation I have the chance. Kent is currently a jobless beach bum and we are loving the change! Unfortunately this is only to last the week until he moves on to another job with Banner Estrella on the 19 of April. This has really be in the works for months. We knew when he took the job at Maricopa through the company Complete Rx that it would be only a stepping stone to get us back to friends and family in AZ and for Kent to get the foot in the door for clinical work. It was a excellant starting job, one that gave plenty of experience to qualify Kent for anything we wanted, but it was also extremely demanding and between hours at the office and being on call, Kent was working well over 45 hrs a week. Once he was called as a Scoutmaster we knew something had to give and work, while rewarding, is not life. He heard about the opening at Estrella through a co-worker and before we knew it he was offered the position. In some ways Kent is a little afraid of all the 'free-time' he'll have on his hands. He'll still do the clinical work but the patients will less sick than what he has dealt with in the past. There will be no on-call time (thank heavens, I cursed the day he ever got that blackberry that has be a blight on our time every second it beeps day or night for his attention!) no more committee work and far fewer drug proposals than before. The pay is the same with benefits that are better. At long last, we as a family are excited to have Papa home more (mentally and emotionally) and he'll have the energy for house projects, Scouting and hobbies.

Speaking of house projects ... we have a major one in the works. We're looking into getting a larger home, something to settle into while the kids grow up. It's exciting to feel like the 'student' phase has finally ended and we putting roots down deep. Congrats on the new job my love!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Isaac is Potty Trained

Really, need I say more?! Funny how much easier it is when THEY chose to do it! Now what can I buy with all the money I save from diapers .... hmmmmm. ;0)