Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blessings, Sand Castles and Friends

This morning Isaac said his very own prayer. Over breakfast we had talked of all the blessings we have from Heavenly Father and Isaac (of his own accord) knelt down and gave a small prayer of thanks..."for chocolate muffing, the trip, to be safe, have fun" It was the sweetest thing. He really has been thrilled to be here.

Later after a walk along the beach we fulfilled a life long dream (albeit a short life) for Isaac today when we constructed a sand castle that he carefully decorated with shells he had collected earlier. We enlisted the help of 3 others who were from Dallas TX on their spring break. They were wonderful kids who admitted it seemed like such a 'baby' thing to do, but they loved it enough that Isaac and I gave them the bucket and shovel so they could continue after we had to leave for lunch.

After our fun with them we came back and Isaac said the lunch prayer all on his own. Again it was all for gratitude for the 'small things' that have made his day perfect. I too am grateful that I have a son that reminds me that the Lord's blessings are plentiful and are often the simplest things in life.

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