Monday, November 30, 2009

Got Style?

All through the years I've really struggled with decorating. My mother had this amazing ability to combine different fabrics and colors that would make a statement in a classy way. I lacked such skills completely. For all the years we were in residency my excuse not to decorate was that we were moving and minimizing would make the process tons easier since we didn't know how often we might have to pack up. In reality I just didn't want to admit I had NO STYLE! A friend of mine (an art major) encouraged me to just go for it! Her belief was that if you liked it, everything would fit together somehow and express you. I've taken her advice to heart and I'm starting to notice things that appeal to me. In time I hope to have my home feel like an artful piece of me.

My first major endeavor was out couch. I bought the fabric for cushions a few days before Keila was born. Now finally after 3 months they're done ... and I rather like them! ;0) Here a picture complete with Christmas decor.

To Binky or Not to Binky ...That is the Question!

One of the many blessings Isaac listed on his turkey was his Pei-Pei (blanket) and his binky. It would devestate him to be without either and we're forever chasing the darn thing because, as fate would have it, his favorite has to be the one that's round. When we had Keila we were determined not to allow the cursed thing near her, but again, fate had a different idea. She began sucking her fingers so raw that a rash was developing on her otherwise darling 'mini-marshmellowy fingers'. In goes the binky - out goes Mama and Papa's plans!

I caught this cute picture right before Isaac's bedtime as the two siblings snuggled under Isaac's favorite blanket.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Isaac has reached that point in his life where choices=freedom and he wants to exercise that right as often as possible. Sometimes I have to laugh because as he does so, I really begin to see the personality in his little soul. I've decided he has a quirky,European sense of style. We caught him the other day wearing knitted baby hat I made 2 years ago. Somehow combined with his camera and green pants, he looked like a European backpacker seeing the sights.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Isaac is just fascinating to listen to. He carries on a running commentary as he plays and amazes us with the words he's picked up. Here are some of our favorite conversations:

Kent: Check out those thunder thighs!
Isaac: Nah, these are my muscles!

After consuming a peach pie for FHE
Kent: How many stomachs do you have? 1, 2, 3?
Isaac: (giving Kent a 'you're so silly look') No, just one, Baba has one and Mama has a big one!

After reading a book from the library by Donald Crew entitled Freight Train.
Isaac: There's a hopper car, a box car, cattle car ... (pointing to Mama) and you have a caboose!
Flo: I do?!
Isaac: Yep, a big caboose!

While Isaac is sleepwalking
Isaac: Baba?
Kent: What's wrong son?
Isaac: I want pancakes!
Kent: What?!! It's 3 am. Go back to sleep.
Isaac: (sad little voice) Ooooookay.

After a FHE lesson about Thanksgiving and creating our turkeys with our blessings written on the tail feathers
Kent: So Isaac, what are you thankful for?
Isaac: My turkey.
Flo: What what does your turkey say you're thankful for?
Isaac: Gobble, gobble!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sale-ling, Sale-ling ...

Sale-ling, Sale-ling around the neighborhood,
Buy something here, buy something there
In our neighborhood!

Kent and I went garage sale-ling Saturday and we had a great time. So many odd treasures that people have that giving an intimate glimpse at their lives. Being the minimalist that I am, I hate to accumulate 'stuff', but we did find great deals on some toys for Isaac. Christmas shopping for the little tyke is done and only costed up $5.25. If only it could always be this cheap! ;0)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sibling Love

I love the cool weather we're finally getting here in AZ. It affords the opportunity to take some nice pictures while we're outside when the planets align and the 2 little ones are both awake and happy. They've both grown so much and Isaac has become such a loving brother, taking care to cover Keila with his favorite blanket, informing me when she's crying and unhappy (just in case Mama couldn't hear that!) and sharing toys (which really means he neatly piles them on her). He has such a tender heart. Keila is a little wary sometimes of his not so gentle affection, but otherwise loves to watch Isaac play. His chattering often has her bubbling her own language back. I'm sure it won't be always this way, especially once Keila is moving and playing with 'his' toys, but I hope they will always be dear friends when things really count.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Super Why, No - Fireman, No- Dinosaur ..... AHHHH!

I've decided that a 2 year old cannot be relied on for a definite answer as to their preference for a Halloween costume. Weeks prior I kept asking Isaac what he wanted to be. The answer varied from day to day until he hit upon the show Super Why - about a boy name Wyatt who turns into Super Why with the power to read and save the day. It seemed I finally had the definite answer and since it's not what you call a common costume, I decided to try and make it out of leftover material. He loved his cape and green tights and would wear it every time the show was on. Two days before Halloween he informed me he didn't like his green shirt - the costume was out! Needless to say, I was miffed but it really wasn't a battle I wanted to take on so he didn't wear anything for the playgroup party and wore an old costume for his playschool party. We got him into it for the big night when we agreed to dress up too, so our poorly put together costumes of a 'Big Baby' (if only I could really be that in life!) and a pirate were donned just a half hour before the Trunk or Treat. Ahhh, the things we do for our kids!