Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chop Chop!

I swear I lost 3 lbs tonight when I chopped my hair. It's the shortest I've ever had it and I LOVE it!!!! Here's the before shot

Farewell my long thick locks! I'm mailing it to Locks of Love...

Here is the new me! I was aiming for a post-long lock lop Rapunzel had in 'Tangled'. Big shout out for Jodi Crosby, who did wonders with the cut. I will be so lovin' this in the AZ summer heat!

This is my new get up and go morning look. I think I've finally got some style!

So this new look and a bowl of Blue Bell ice cream made me a very happy woman. It's the small and simple things!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Father and Son Campout

It's the annual Father and Son Campout. Last year I left it to Kent to blog about and it didn't happen. The man is much too busy to remember the day to day schedule, let alone past events. This time I enlisted Isaac to help me record it. So if it's odd grammatically, bear in mind I'm writing it with his voice. It's cute in it's own way. We drove out on a sandy road that was too long and bumpy. So that's why my legs hurted. Me and Baba talked and ate treats And then we got there and I played and roasted marshmellows. It's called smores! I played with Joshua in the morning and Daniel at night. We played swords with sticks. It was a forest. And I hope there are no bears there because bears live in the forest. So there was a bunch of trees and a river. The old river had no water, but there was a pond. At the morning I saw one duck on the pond. When we were driving we saw a hawk and even a vulture. We saw a dead snake, I just forgot. It was fun. He and Caden spent a good deal of time together and offered lots of goofy shots for Kent. I'm glad that Isaac has such a good fun friend.
I love this picture of all these little boys in their element, wandering, digging, gathering sticks. It's so primative! ;0)
This was just before leaving. Kent says he was exhausted and a little sad to leave. Till next year...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

First Time All Over Again

This is the longest I have ever gone without blogging. I'd feel withdrawal pains if I weren't so sleep deprived! I knew three would be harder, but there's something about being in the middle of it all when reality hits you like a brick wall and suddenly you appreciate how simple life was before! ;0) Regardless, this blog is our family journal, something that the kids love to look at and something I hope they will treasure and share with their own families later. Realistically I know I won't be posting 4-6 times a month anymore, but I need to sneak in a post once a month so that I'll have something to read and smile about when everyone is grown and gone.

Elias is as snuggle-able a package as anything can be. Somehow he's taken our entire hearts without lifting a finger. Keila and Isaac are in raptures when he looks at them and I worry more that he'll be smothered with love. Hopefully he'll grow to look on these annoyingly intense expressions of love with pleasure. Despite being only 5 and half weeks, he too has had his own accomplishments. We went to the doctor a week ago and discovered he was only 6 ounces more than his birth weight. Despite the jaundice being gone, his sleepiness was increasing and feeding him was taking an hour and a half to complete. Since I was breastfeeding once side and bottle feeding the other, I had no real idea of how much he was getting. (This is where I'd like to ask the Lord if he could just make my breast see through with little marker lines for the ounces of milk produced .... anyone else feel the same way?!) It turns out that the fatigue was not just due to low muscle tone, but that his sugar levels were dropping which made him more tired, hence he would not feed well and the cycle spiraled downward. I was rather distressed and overwhelmed with how to break the pattern let alone function with the other two children. The doctor suggested that I try pumping entirely at least every other feeding and to get in 3 ounces each time. Unfortunately when we did this, Elias who has a little reflux, seem to aspirate more frequently. I would nurse him and lay awake listening to him gag and choke on whatever came up or I'd 'sleep' on the couch upright to hold him through it. Obviously he couldn't handle more than 2 ounces of anything.

Next we tried to fortify his milk by adding just a small amount of formula to my pumped breastmilk. I also asked for some expert advice from 2 friends who have babies wiht Down Syndrome. We moved to 3 hour feeds and Kent took care of the other kiddos for the entire weekend. I moved from one sleep deprived feed to another and crashed in bed each moment I got, by Sunday night I was getting worried about how long it would take to break this cycle. Thankfully it was that very evening we Elias began feeding quicker and better. I did a dance of joy (in my dreams!) and through the help of friends with a meal and babysitting, we got through it completely and I'm back on my feet. We're officially on 4 hour feeds with it taking only an hour to eat and while that doesn't sound a whole lot better, I feel better. Every little hour and minute helps and it also means our little boy is getting stronger. During his wake periods, everyone fights who gets to be next to him and have his little eyes gaze in concentrated wonder! I learned a few things from the experience, first, despite being overwhelmed and feeling like a first time parent all over again, the Lord does make us able to do things we think we can't do. Secondly, He often inspires others around us to help 'carry' us through reminding me once again that this life is about 'family', those we're born into and those we make.
Here's a shot I took of Elias just before we had to go back for the second round of phototherapy. He already knows how to pose for the camera, even in his sleep! Despite all that went on, we did manage to get out and have some fun as a family. We attended a camp Jamboree in Scottsdale where summer camps of all types came to have some free activities for families as well as advertise for their programs. There were bounce houses, games, petting zoo, horses and even a smore roast. Keila's day was complete with the chance to brush a horse and Isaac's mouth was sealed shut with a sticky gooey smore. div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">
For Easter we attended the annual Candy hunt at the Peoria Sports Complex. This year Kent was able to go so the two oldest had the chance to do all sorts of crafts and rides.
The long wait before the horn ....
And the mad dash out onto the field for their sweet treasure!
Shirts they could color permanently which have now become their PJs.
Train rides and pony rides. The Easter Bunny managed to make his annual visit, despite being so very busy. The kids got home from church to find a bucket with a hand written note telling them their were 8 eggs in the backyard for them to find. Isaac had been questioning if the Easter Bunny was real and since I was home at the time the long-eared fellow stopped by he put me through the third degree in questioning. Isaac was so disappointed he missed seeing him that he ran out to check if he was at the neighbors. Apparently he had just stopped by the neighbors across the street which was obvious from the eggs and candy being hastily consumed. This seems to have quelled his skepticism for now, but when his friends said they didn't see "The Bunny" he exclaimed, "That is one tricky rabbit!"
Keila didn't waste anytime, but picked through what the eggs offered and went for the chocolate. (Such the girl!) Isaac had trouble just deciding on the egg!