Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Father and Son Campout

It's the annual Father and Son Campout. Last year I left it to Kent to blog about and it didn't happen. The man is much too busy to remember the day to day schedule, let alone past events. This time I enlisted Isaac to help me record it. So if it's odd grammatically, bear in mind I'm writing it with his voice. It's cute in it's own way. We drove out on a sandy road that was too long and bumpy. So that's why my legs hurted. Me and Baba talked and ate treats And then we got there and I played and roasted marshmellows. It's called smores! I played with Joshua in the morning and Daniel at night. We played swords with sticks. It was a forest. And I hope there are no bears there because bears live in the forest. So there was a bunch of trees and a river. The old river had no water, but there was a pond. At the morning I saw one duck on the pond. When we were driving we saw a hawk and even a vulture. We saw a dead snake, I just forgot. It was fun. He and Caden spent a good deal of time together and offered lots of goofy shots for Kent. I'm glad that Isaac has such a good fun friend.
I love this picture of all these little boys in their element, wandering, digging, gathering sticks. It's so primative! ;0)
This was just before leaving. Kent says he was exhausted and a little sad to leave. Till next year...

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