Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chop Chop!

I swear I lost 3 lbs tonight when I chopped my hair. It's the shortest I've ever had it and I LOVE it!!!! Here's the before shot

Farewell my long thick locks! I'm mailing it to Locks of Love...

Here is the new me! I was aiming for a post-long lock lop Rapunzel had in 'Tangled'. Big shout out for Jodi Crosby, who did wonders with the cut. I will be so lovin' this in the AZ summer heat!

This is my new get up and go morning look. I think I've finally got some style!

So this new look and a bowl of Blue Bell ice cream made me a very happy woman. It's the small and simple things!


  1. Were you brave enough to let your husband cut your hair too?

  2. love it!!! I wish I could do the same......the possibility is very slim.

  3. It is sooooo cute on you. I love it!