Monday, June 30, 2008

A Spa of Sorts

After I got off blogging the other night, I went out to find the 'kids' at play! My son was lounging and living the high life! Of course I had to join in!

This trip thus far has been great! I managed to get together and surprise my 'SOLE' sisters at dinner in Scottsdale.

Our timeshare is beautiful! It's a 3 bedroom that's nicer than any apartment we've been in....

... and last, but certainly not least, Kent and I have had the chance to relax, read, sleep, eat and Isaac has playmates - cousins, friends, etc. This certainly was a much need trip before our move to Houston ... hopefully we'll be revived enough for the next residency!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Bug Bite!

We arrived safely in Phoenix today with a stop over in Forest Lakes last night. Kent says he feels the much needed 'vacation' starting with just a view of the pines and mountains just outside of Payson. Isaac has quickly adjusted to being with Grandma and Grandpa and already I see the effect of the gardening bug bite that his Grandpa and Papa suffer from.

Grandpa does amazing work in the backyard.

Isaac wants to follow in his footsteps!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wonders Never Cease!

Sometimes I think that children are brighter than parents. For whatever reason, their dimpled hands, or chubby cheeks ... I always underestimate how much they understand of what I say. The other day Kent was reading a picture book with Isaac and as a game, we began to say,"Where's the mouse?" The next page, before we could even ask him, he points clearly to the mouse. Intrigued, I ask him in chinese to see if he understands it as well ... same results. I try it with other animals and clearly he knows what I'm talking about and goes so far as to imitate the sounds they make. All this at the age of one ... well, I'm surprised by it but perhaps you more 'experienced' parents aren't. Just the other day I figured out that one of his more frequent noises, is really 'yeh-yeh' ('naughty' in chinese) which he was using when the rabbit, Sunshine, was misbehaving. He even says it when I tell him no, without my prompting or while he's in the act of investigating 'buttons' that he's not suppose to touch. I know I'm a little slow, but did it take anyone else as long to figure this out?!!!

Here's his 'punk' look!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

To All The Cars We've Loved Before

To all the cars we've loved before ... we were blessed to be able to quickly sell the other car since Kent will be using the shuttle in Houston. Apparently a young teenager was looking for a two-door for over a month ... Our car was it! We got it for a great price and it was an excellant vehicle for the time we had it ... for the sentimental feelings we have for it, we offer this small tribute!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Thirty Third Birthday!

And yes ... that is my actual age! I'm not ashamed of my thirty three years of life! I had a wonderful birthday, that really extended over 2 days. On Saturday June 21 Kent took Isaac off my hands for a few hours so I could finish my brother's scrapbook ... a much needed task but a fun one! In the afternoon the boys went off so I could finally go to a session at the Albuquerque temple, the first time in over a year! I hate to admit it, but I was incredibly sleepy ... I'm sure it has to do with the peaceful feelings of that sacred place, but it helps a ton not having a little boy yelling,"Mama, Mama..." at every turn! ;0) We watched a movie later that night. Sunday, the day of, I recieved my birthday present, Jack Johnson CD, and a massage. (what are husbands for?!!)

Thank you to all those who send cards, e-cards, etc. It was so kind of you. We've been so terribly busy with getting ready for the move that I haven't had the chance to email everyone, but I vow to do so within the next 2 days. I have to admit I'm pretty proud of myself ... we're more prepared for moving this time than we were before. I have everything that can be pack, done and ready before we leave for Arizona. The meals we'll need when we come back for those 3 days are made and frozen, ready to go so there'll be no cooking for those last few days. My brother's scrapbook will be done tommorrow and mailed Thursday ... it's a nice feeling to be prepared. Here's proof!

The previous weekend we had a wonderful 'Farewell Party' with the Roberts family and the Laws. Tiffany Law and I are Visiting Teaching partners and saw Emily Roberts monthly. Darin Law home teachs us as well as the Roberts ... so we're rather a tightly connect group. Tiffany made us a wonderful meal and we chatted while the children played.

The Roberts have moved to Houston as well and will be within the same stake boundaries, and possibly the same ward.

Their little girl, Eden LOVES Isaac. Here she is her 'jello face'!

Here's Darin with their daughter Rylie ... apparently Rylie had a UTI and later that night they went to the ER because her fever was so high. Eight hours later the doctors finally saw them and they figured out what was wrong. Who says family life isn't thrilling!!! ;0)

Isaac was 'all-boy' that night, crying a fit when he could no longer play in the dirt! - the joy of rocks!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

We dearly love our Papa! No one is more sure to elicit a laugh from Isaac than Kent when he returns home from work. While we were in Maryland, Isaac religiously kissed and hugged Kent's picture each morning and evening just before bed. This was our homemade card for Kent.

You're the best Papa in the world!

I'm glad that Mama picked you!

I love how you make me smile and laugh....

...and all our great adventures!

It's such a comfort to know you are there! WE LOVE YOU PAPA!!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Love Me ... I Love Me Not

Today my son crawled up to the mirror and give himself a wet, smushy kiss! He did it again later tonight and in jest I asked Kent if it was narcissistic or just a good sense of self esteem. I prefer to think of it as the latter ... and in so doing, opened up a world of thoughts. Why is it as children we can unabashedly give ourselves love and affection, even expect it from others and yet as adults there is the endless litany of negative self-doubt. Perhaps we should all ask ourselves, "Have you loved yourself today?!"

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Time to Ponder Growth

I've decided that the first birthday is really more for the moms - a sentimental milestone of time's passage. The few days prior and since, I've found myself musing on the little everyday interactions that have begun to show me the personality and growth of my son. In all the busyness of caring for him, somehow I forgot that he was his own soul long before he came to me.

The other night he gave me his first 'real' kiss. It wasn't something I asked for or tried to coach him on. It delighted me in an undescribable way. That same night he also figured out his shape sorting toy and I realized how quickly he was growing up. How precious time is!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Baby No More

My dear son, you are a baby no more! How much we have loved your presence in our lives. This last year has been wonderful and through you we've gained a simpler and more joyful appreciation of all that life offers us. We love your sweet disposition and loving friendly nature. Happy Birthday - you are a treasure!

"Mama never lets me have at my food like this ... hmmm carrot cake! Now that's how carrots ought to be done!"

"Who says you have to wait until you're sixteen to drive!"