Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wonders Never Cease!

Sometimes I think that children are brighter than parents. For whatever reason, their dimpled hands, or chubby cheeks ... I always underestimate how much they understand of what I say. The other day Kent was reading a picture book with Isaac and as a game, we began to say,"Where's the mouse?" The next page, before we could even ask him, he points clearly to the mouse. Intrigued, I ask him in chinese to see if he understands it as well ... same results. I try it with other animals and clearly he knows what I'm talking about and goes so far as to imitate the sounds they make. All this at the age of one ... well, I'm surprised by it but perhaps you more 'experienced' parents aren't. Just the other day I figured out that one of his more frequent noises, is really 'yeh-yeh' ('naughty' in chinese) which he was using when the rabbit, Sunshine, was misbehaving. He even says it when I tell him no, without my prompting or while he's in the act of investigating 'buttons' that he's not suppose to touch. I know I'm a little slow, but did it take anyone else as long to figure this out?!!!

Here's his 'punk' look!

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