Saturday, March 31, 2018

Chess, Art, Books and Fun

Homeschooling with four munchkins is exhausting!  I've slowly been falling behind on my posts and at times I am tempted to give up on the blog but the delight my children have in looking over past pictures and recorded memories makes me persevere in these belated posts.  With so many events the recording may be brief but at least it will be done!

Bud has been in a homeschool chess clue that he absolutely loves.  We tried for year to put him in the schools clubs but the area we were in showed little no interest.  When we began to homeschool and heard of Coach Phil doing everything online we were a go.  It's been interesting to watch him learn to lose.  His first semester in he was lacking skill and foresight and lost most of his games.  I was afraid that this would discourage him but he pressed on, borrowing books from the library, doing extra lessons on  Slowly he got better and won his first tournament.  Coach Phil actually lives just 20 min from us so he brought the trophy over personally and they played a game.  Bud was thrilled beyond measure since it motivated him to clean the house like he has never done before!

Bug loves art and had a hankering to go.  Thankfully they have a day free of charge on the second Saturdays of every month.  Along with it seeing the museum's exhibits they have art stations where the children can try their hand mimicking some of the work they see.  Pumpkin came along and had a blast doing her own artwork.  Bug enjoyed it too but was dying to spend some time gazing at the art around her but Punpkin was impatient to keep moving on.  The West Valley Homeschool have organized a field trip to their with docents to accompany us.  I have the three other munchkins farmed out and hope to go with my girl and fill her love of art.

Pizza Hut has a program for homeschoolers as they complete their personal reading goals the kids can earn a free personal pan pizza every month.  For Bud who devours books like candy I required him to read biographies or history.  He grumbled his complaints but was almost always drawn into the stories of characters like Benjamin Franklin or the horrors of Pompeii.

I love how Bubby snuggles with our respite Mary.

The coop continues to be lots of fun and when we had our spring break the kids missed their friends a great deal.

The Peoria library had a ladybug release day which we managed to attend along with hitting the free first day of spring promotionals.  Bubby was thrilled to eat ice cream two times a day and practically inhaled them.  The other kids enjoyed it more slowly as they watched the ladybugs we brought back home clear out of aphids.  They've checked almost every morning, hoping they'd stay.

AZ Fish and Game had an expo that we decided to attend.  Bud was particularly keen on doing some archery.  The girls loved the tent with all the skins of many animals with models of their skulls.

We found a deal on Groupon for a kids riding camp at the Witte Stable for Arabian horses.  We jumped on the deal and since our schedule is so open we took whatever day they had open.  Bug was ecstatic!  You could tell that a few of the kids came from wealthy families and were repeat visitors and while we can't afford to do this regularly, Bug treasured the experience and the memories.

While she was off having her fun I took the other three to a lunch out at Culvers!

Easter and all it's activities snuck up on us.  We tried a new method for coloring the eggs with rice and ended up with these unique eggs.  One was so beautiful they named it the galaxy egg.  The kids got a load of candy and played a few games at the Dolly Sanchez egg hunt.  Bubby's favorite activity was the hayride.

I'm so grateful for all the blessings that allow us all these memories.  I love my beautiful family!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February Memories

I love how homeschool field trips are so much more affordable and less busy.  We took the opportunity to go to the zoo since this was Pumpkin's first time.  We took along Bud's best friend who treated everyone to all the cotton candy and Icee that his money could buy.  He was definitely a favorite person that day!  Pumpkin got to see her zebra and giraffes and Bubby seemed pretty happy in the stroller so long as I kept the snacks coming.  We were there from 10 until nearly 3 and SO exhausted by the end!

Arizona State University had an open house that we attended one weekend.  The kids had fun playing games such as chess and making their own mazes.  They learned how lie detectors worked and  even  what makes chocolate so addictive.

With all the learning that happens daily around her, our Pumpkin has turned into quite the sponge for a 3 year old.  This is her spelling her name as her sister uses the tiles to work on her spelling list.  

Bug has had to work on her vision still and part of that involves doing puzzles.  This was not her favorite thing as her eyes had troubles seeing part from the whole but with her improved eyes she found puzzling has an addictive nature, the snap of interlocking pieces - and now she's a convert!  This is did completely on her own, 200 pieces.  I'm proud of her persistence!

Pumpkin HAS TO follow in big sisters footsteps and we bought a few little ones for her.  She wasn't satisfied with the challenge and went and did this 100 piece one all by herself and has since put it back together on her own everyday.  

Coop has gone well and we've done everything from our mini Olympics, to a Valentine's party, and learned about the Native American people and attempted hoop dancing.

Some of the moms caught pictures of the older coop doing their thing.  Bud was pretty pleased with his density experiment.

We attended the annual McCormick Railroad park Special Kids day and had a blast.  Bubby definitely loves the food there, but it getting so that he likes trying some of the games.  Animals are always fascinating but generally from a distance.

Chips, popcorn and ice cream ... all this little man's favorited!

The girls HAD to love on all the animals and of course Bug had to climb.  I love her tenacity!
The kids amaze me and I'm so grateful that I have the blessing to be able to homeschool and share in their adventures so regularly!