Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Down Syndrome Walk of 2013

I love attending the walk for Down Syndrome and sometimes I feel like its more for me than for Eli or the kids. I love seeing the families, chatting with other moms, kids running around eating and playing and other cuties like Eli enjoying life. I'm always impressed with the kids who have DS that make the walk around diablo stadium. About three quarters of the way through a 7 year old boy was really dragging his feet. his dad asked if he wanted to stop but The little trooper insisted on continuing. So dad offered to give him hug and proceeded to carry him for a part of the way until the little guy felt up to finishing it. It's long for so many of them but somehow they inspire me in their efforts - they remind me that I can do hard things

Enjoying our ice cream! Blue Bell is the best!
Eli and I playing a little clapping game and dancing to the music. He was so happy that day, really getting into the music.
Eli learned how to drink from a straw! Jamba Juice is a great incentive.
Eli and I crossing the finish line!
Plenty of fun for the kids
We met up with plenty of friends, the Cox, the Larsens and the Frosts. Afterwards we went for dim sum.
While we were there Eli was really connecting with kent, talking, laughing and smiling. At one point he reached out to put his hand on Kent as if to say, "your the best Baba" and it warmed me to the soul.
I had to get Elias a shirt to celebrate and yes, he is totally rocking the extra chromosome!
I was so proud today of Elias during physical therapy. We worked on walking along the furniture and crawling up the stairs. He did it willingly for the entire 45 mins and when he got done you could see a little bit of trembling in his limbs from the exertion. I think he knew he did good, he was so happy and dare I say it, proud of himself. I'm sure to others they can't see any major accomplishment, but I can. It reminds me that we are all capable of much more than we think at times. Perhaps in the world's eyes its not much but we are all much more than we seem and what's more is that when we do it as a team we can make it through anything! Go Eli's Allies!

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  1. Your children have grown so much, Flo and Kent! They're beautiful! And it's wonderful to see you've added a little one to your crew. Elias is delightful! And Flo, I love your hair! HUGS, Steph & Kyle