Saturday, September 21, 2013


It's late and I'm still awake, heaven knows its not because I'm not exhausted but my body seems to have adjusted to the later schedule I've been keeping. Darn those biorhythms! For the last 4 weeks I've been up late either prepping for Chinese cooking class or rolling spring rolls to raise funds for Sharing Down Syndrome of AZ. It's funny how I feel, a restlessness like I really ought to be doing something, or maybe the total relief that I won't have to look at, eat or smell another spring roll again. Actually I think it's a little of a sense of pride.

Parenthood makes you reach out, do and feel things you never thought you would. Classic example, the time I was thrilled when I managed to catch projectile vomit with my bare hands and save my carpet from a nasty stain that would have surely costed me my apartment deposit and much more! In that instance I literally reached out, did and felt something I'm pretty sure I never pictured just the year before. Well, I never pictured myself raising a child with special needs and having him has given me the courage to reach out for help, to advocate and work and in the process I love the connection I feel to a greater community. This fundraiser was just that for me. In the process my eyes were opened up to the wonder of people, their goodness and generosity that makes life beautiful!

We raised nearly $500 and our goal was only $300. I owe many thanks to dear friends who coached me on ideas that would be unique to me that I could offer in exchange for donations. I also owe these same friends for being my guinea pigs as I test out my first cooking class. You know who you are! 💕😊. I'm also grateful for the people at church, neighbors and at our preschool, Stepping stones, who bought, ate and ordered the spring rolls. A special thank you goes to Ms Michelle who had her business, Country Market, donate a generous sum. You guys are wonderful and I'm grateful to count you as friends!

I had better head to sleep so I can be fully present tomorrow at the walk. It'll be a celebration of not only my son Elias, but also of the greater community I call home! Love you all!

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