Sunday, September 1, 2013

Annual Ward Campout

Kent took the two older kiddos on the annual ward campout a few weeks ago. It was all the two talked of for days and since Kent works late so often now it was a huge treat. The following accounts are in their own words.

Keila: I played with Baba. I, um, I did something special. I readied another book while baba and Isaac were sleeping. I saw a baby bug on the ground and Baba stopped it and then he put it in there- my bug catcher. I called him just Bug. I played with him while someone looked at him. He slept a little bit, he slept on a bebee bullet and I put some grass in the jar. He was a cutie- putie! He likes balloons. He said I'm going to find my family and then he go-ed. I smelled flowers. It was fun

Isaac: We got there and we set up our tent and unpack. It started getting dark and we still hadn't had our tent set up so we keep on working on it. And when it was finished then we head straight over to the campout and had s'mores. And then we played a little and we went to the tent and read stories and then go to bed. Then we got up and played for some time and eat breakfast and packed up and drove home. I played with Lincoln and Payton, that's all I played with. On the drive home we stopped at montezumas castle and then we drove home. And keila caught a bug, a baby ant. My favorite part was the glow stick and the s'more and .... Everything!

Kent's brief summary of his personal highlights: I got to head up with my oldest son and daughter for an enjoyable weekend. We read a book together by glow stick light. I enjoyed taking pictures of keila and Isaac and everyone else. I got to snuggle with both of them and got to see montezumas castle and learn a lot.

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