Monday, August 12, 2013

Kindergarten - One Down!

I can't believe Isaac starts full day kindergarten today. Time has flown and kent mentioned how he was a little sad. It marks a passing milestone and the realization that my greatest influence is beginning to end. More time now will be spent with those outside the family and he is definitely ready for it - even if we are not.

I can look back and say I've worked hard, played hard and enjoyed so much of his last six years. He's a good kid with a good heart. We tried hard to foster that in him. In the end all the academic or worldly success will be nothing in comparison to a tender, kind and a faith filled soul. In wistfully excitement I anticipate his coming into his own.

Keila and Eli had to celebrate with a Costco berry shake, but even that got old quickly. By the middle of the day Keila was missing her best playmate.

The boy was bouncing out of his skin, so typical of Isaac - he is so enthusiastic and exuberant for it all. Watch out world, 'cause Isaac is coming!

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  1. He looks so grown up. Hope you are adjusting these first couple weeks. It is hard to have them gone all day. You have been an amazing Momma and prepared him so well.