Sunday, August 11, 2013

Party Right!

Keila opted for celebrating the big four with just family and when my kids choose this option I like to draw it out for a few days. Friday night we went out to dinner. She surprised me when she said she wanted to go for Chinese (and in this household, it's the real stuff - no Panda Express!). The dishes came out one by one and she ate everything , even the veggies and begged for more. She tried drinking the herbal chrysanthemum tea and loved it. All the way home she said she felt very Chinese and made extra attempts to speak it which had me smiling.

Saturday morning we went out to the Chocolate Connection, a branch out from the Cerreta company in Peoria. She and Isaac decorated hats and aprons and proceeded to make a chocolate pizza. There was even a story and a craft as well as free chocolates - well worth the $10. They both begged to have their pizzas for lunch, Mama may love birthdays but she's not lost her head completely yet!
Don't you just want to open your mouth wide under that chocolate waterfall?!
Eli was spoiled in his own way with graham crackers.
Smart kiddo knows when a good thing is coming! A sweet sister to share her treat with a little brother!

Keila spent the afternoon out with Kent where they hit up one of the best pet stores in town, Pratts. She got to love on and hold everything from bunnies, chinchillas to see goats and pot belly pigs. "A-doi-able" and "cute little vellas" everywhere - this apparently applied to even the mealworms!

I have always called her my Ladybug-a-boo (shortened to 'bug') and she has loved them ever since. Sunday she helped with the cupcakes which were what she calls "Lily-bugs". I attempted a flower and made some ladybugs out of fondant which she tried making herself. If you look carefully you might see hers, she says it turned out to more of a caterpiller and that's okay because "they're bugs too!" When serving the fondant she took great care to gift them to someone she felt would appreciate them. Then she opened her presents which were "purr-fect!"
It was a wonderful weekend! Happy Birthday my bug love, I love you!

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