Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Keila Will Be Four?!?!?!

This beautiful gal is going to be four in a matter of days! I'm amazed at how quickly time has gone by and how grown up she is. She has matured in so many ways this last year. Adjusting to a new sibling is hard for any child, but moreso for one that has special needs. I knew Keila struggled with the sudden lack of attention and Kent and I tried hard to show her our love and explain what was going on. I worried she didn't understand but in moments when we'd talk, especially at bedtime, I'd tell her how much I love even when things were rough and she'd pat me on the cheek and softly say, "I know Mama."

She's definitely an introvert and loves to observe people, especially women and will often ask me questions to better understand them. In some ways she seems like she three going on sixteen. She makes comments about how boys ought to treat girls and how modest other women are with a wisdom I pray stays with her, especially as social pressures increase with age. She has enough spunk to tell people and strangely it's made a difference in adults and children alike.

At the same time she is a tender soul and an ounce of kindness towards her yields gallons of love in return. She loves to help everyone and will be the first to sit and play near Elias just so "he won't feel lonely".

She had achieved her goal for her swim lessons and so I took her out to the mall to celebrate with a Cinnabon. It was delightful to have her happily chatting away with me and join me in shopping for all things girly. We went to the Disney store where she picked up on the concept and value of window shopping and we hit the play area to burn off some sugar and lastly the place with "all the pretty smelly lotions!" There was such an air of contentment and ease as we drove home quietly. As I pressed my lips to her very kissable cheeks goodnight she pulled me close and said, "thank you Mama. I love you always and forever," and my heart melted. How grateful I am to have Keila in my life. I know I was once terrified of having a daughter since I felt I only understood boys, but now I wouldn't trade her for the world, she's such a lovely child and I rejoice in the opportunity to see the lady she will become!

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