Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Stepping stones 2013

Keila started preschool! It's nice to have had a break from it all, but it was nice to come back to Stepping Stones and see all our friends we've missed. Keila is with Mrs Berniburg this year. It was apparent when I went to drop her off that she was comfortable with the whole routine. She walked in, put her backpack in a cubby, gave me a kiss and a hug goodbye and then went to wash her hands and sign in. Meanwhile all around us were new parents (both Mom and Dad) clicking away with the camera either cheering a teary eyed child or suppressing their own emotions as to how quickly little Bobby had grown up all unable to leave the room. I suppose I looked a little rather u feeling but she was more than ready and who am I to stand in the way of her growth!
Interestingly all the kids seem a little happier since returning to school. Is a great outlet for the older two and even Eli is finding encouragement in his physical development. Another bonus is that they are finally sleeping pass 6am! - it's tempting to make school year round!

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