Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Isaac is just fascinating to listen to. He carries on a running commentary as he plays and amazes us with the words he's picked up. Here are some of our favorite conversations:

Kent: Check out those thunder thighs!
Isaac: Nah, these are my muscles!

After consuming a peach pie for FHE
Kent: How many stomachs do you have? 1, 2, 3?
Isaac: (giving Kent a 'you're so silly look') No, just one, Baba has one and Mama has a big one!

After reading a book from the library by Donald Crew entitled Freight Train.
Isaac: There's a hopper car, a box car, cattle car ... (pointing to Mama) and you have a caboose!
Flo: I do?!
Isaac: Yep, a big caboose!

While Isaac is sleepwalking
Isaac: Baba?
Kent: What's wrong son?
Isaac: I want pancakes!
Kent: What?!! It's 3 am. Go back to sleep.
Isaac: (sad little voice) Ooooookay.

After a FHE lesson about Thanksgiving and creating our turkeys with our blessings written on the tail feathers
Kent: So Isaac, what are you thankful for?
Isaac: My turkey.
Flo: What what does your turkey say you're thankful for?
Isaac: Gobble, gobble!

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