Monday, November 30, 2009

Got Style?

All through the years I've really struggled with decorating. My mother had this amazing ability to combine different fabrics and colors that would make a statement in a classy way. I lacked such skills completely. For all the years we were in residency my excuse not to decorate was that we were moving and minimizing would make the process tons easier since we didn't know how often we might have to pack up. In reality I just didn't want to admit I had NO STYLE! A friend of mine (an art major) encouraged me to just go for it! Her belief was that if you liked it, everything would fit together somehow and express you. I've taken her advice to heart and I'm starting to notice things that appeal to me. In time I hope to have my home feel like an artful piece of me.

My first major endeavor was out couch. I bought the fabric for cushions a few days before Keila was born. Now finally after 3 months they're done ... and I rather like them! ;0) Here a picture complete with Christmas decor.


  1. And it looks lovely.

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  2. Those pillows are so awesome!

  3. Looks great! Really! I love simple and tasteful decor. I have really strong decor taste (not as in strong-good but as in strong-I-really-get-attached-and-obsessed-with-decor-ideas), but it is funny because change so much from period to period that I can't really trust my taste too much. What I thought looked hecka good to me five years ago looks pretty lame to me now. I was like this when I was little, too, but similarly had kind of non-classic taste back then too. So I guess I'm admitting I have a problem. I know what I like, but then I realize that my passion for it probably won't last past a few years. Haha.

    I think the couch is a really great neutral but not boring color and also a nice shape that you can dress up or dress down as it suits you. Good job!