Wednesday, December 2, 2009


As a mother it becomes so easy to just move from day to day through the routines with the odd tangent/mini-crisis that you move quickly to intervene. And then all of a sudden you simply look at your child and the 'adult' version seems to flash before your eyes. Being the sentimental soul that I am, I lose my rhythm and begin to backpedal to 'memorize' the benchmarks of time's passage. "When did he learn those words? How did he get to be so 'grown-up'? She's holding her head up perfectly still! She'll be eating solids soon!" And for a few hours all I want to do is to just be still, to see them NOW and remember. It happened alot on our Thanksgiving trip to Utah.

This picture is what made me write this post. My Isaac Bubba-love looks like a sixteen year old trampling through the snow. In reality he'd just got done playing with it and tucked his cold little hands into his pocket but you can see in his posture and his clothes a miniature of what he'll be when he gets older. Today he was really helpful with 'helping' to dress Keila and sounded just like an annoyed adult with a fussy child - "Hold on Keila ... quit wiggling!"

Keila amazed Kent and I when I placed her on the carpet for tummy-time and suddenly she was holding her head at the 90 degree angle without a fuss. She normal hates tummy-time and just yesterday I realized I can start her on solids.

They grow so quickly, I wish somehow I could record everything and rewind and play back the amazing growth and development they're capable of. How precious it is to be a mother and witness it so intimately!


  1. Ah. Reading something like this makes me so much more excited to be a mom than when I hear about all the crazy hard stuff. I know it's all in there, but I'm so excited for this stuff, too.

    word verification: bedie: v - an ancient colloquialism that means, "to die." After a long, hard life, the dog betook himself to the woods to bedie.

  2. My thoughts exactly! Lately, I've tried to just take a moment to capture the scene in my minds camera. I'm not sure I'll remember it all, but for a small bit of time I'm stopping and really experiencing life.

  3. Totally. I should capture more how they are now...