Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tall Peanuts!

Keila had her 4 month appointment Monday and surprised us with how much she's grown. She 's now 26.5 inchies tall which puts her in the 98 percentile for height and makes 6 month age clothing just the right length. Her weight is at 14 lbs and in the 56 percentile .... she's one tall skinny peanut! Isaac was the same way and to many looks likes he 4 rather than 2. Given my 'Chinese genes' they'll be shorter than the average kid once puberty hits. Better enjoy the height now! Keila holds her head up well so we put her in the high chair to play for the first time. They grow up entirely too fast! Here's my little angel heart so grown up!

If you look at the next pictures you can see her eyes are a funky grey blue. Isaac's were brown pretty early on and we're wondering if the combination of Kent and I might give Keila something a little different.

Any time you take a picture of her you have to take another one immediately. The sound of the camera always gets her giggling. Love that gummy smile!


  1. She is so dang cute and her eyes are gorgeous! How fun!

  2. That is a pretty cute gummy smile.