Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

Ahhh ... a sigh of satisfaction as another Christmas day comes to a close. There's something magical that replays annually as the holiday passes through. It's found in crisp cool winter air (yes, Arizona does have this), the beautiful gift wrap torn to shreds lying amid empty boxes, toys played with intense enthusiasm for a full 2 minutes before the next gift is unwrapped with all the wonder of what could be inside. It's found in stomachs burgeoning with rich food and sweets that simply can't be resisted, along with the inevitable slowing of the system until a good dose of tums or fiber is taken. Of course there's the friends and family that are visited, the noisy play of friendships rediscovered. And always near the end of the day there's the grumbling of tired adults and the bickering of overwrought children over toys. But even this wouldn't feel quite like Christmas without it. Somehow I find comfort in all of this. It speaks of home, of family and most of all - of love. That is what Christmas means to me.

Santa at playgroup where Isaac firmly told Santa that all he wanted for Christmas was candy! Wish fulfilled immediately. ;0)

Gingerbread houses with the Bakers where copious amounts of candy were consumed and Isaac 'cemented' his house with layers of icing.

Kent's family Christmas eve party where Kent filled the big man's shoes and all grand kids and grandma got presents.

I was careful to wrap all the presents in this way ... no peeking until Christmas, those are the rules! It worked and you can see the muscles needed to get into the present.

One of our garage sale finds ... he loves it!

Keila with her gift that I lucked out on at Costco. Normally $50, but it was the last one on display that they dropped a foot right before my eyes. Paid $25 - woohoo!!

I call Keila my 'lady bugga-boo', the perfect gift from Santa.

I would be amiss if I did not thank He who made all these beautiful, joyous blessing possible. It is His birth we celebrate without which all else would be wasted. May we always remember it, not just at this season but the whole year long.

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