Saturday, December 26, 2009

Feed Me!!!

Keila is a good natured child and fairly patient especially when I'm particularly busy with Isaac. (please note I did not say 'Mama', I've notice an abundance of speaking in third person which I find annoying in speech and I'm afraid if it appears that often in writing, it's bound to creep out in my speaking) But in the last few weeks, she gets fussy whenever we're eating dinner. She's not hungry since I always feed her first, but she crys alot until we hold her which typically isn't a problem but as of late, it's as if she loses her spine and simply flops forward. Of course I proceed to move her to my shoulder where she turns to look toward the table and contorts her body in such a manner that she'd roll smoother than a bowling ball. Duh, Mama's slow (arggg, that third person thing again!) but she was physically moving closer to the food.

We were hoping to hold off a little longer for fear of allergies, but Keila's determined not to be held back. We succumbed to her wishes tonight and bought her the famed rice cereal. Picture this if you will - once seated in her feeding table she begins wailing like a banshee, the moment the spoon touches her mouth the noise ceases and she's lunges forward to taste the bland, pasty mush. She smiles. I remove the spoon and the darling but extremely loud banshee reappears until the spoon simply touches her bottom lip. I swear it's magic.

The famous first bite.

This is the face of satisfaction.

All behavior indicates she will be just like Mama (did it again, dang it!) and feel that eating is a celebration of life and must be done as frequently as possible!

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  1. Which is a delightful way to be, both because food and eating are such delights, and because her momma is such a wonderful person to emulate.