Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Fond Farewell to 2009

Life can be such a ride sometimes that it's nice when it gives you a break and you just coast for a while and enjoy the view. 2008 was crazy for us and so I grateful for the quiet events of 2009.

Kent has finished a busy year at Maricopa Hospital as a clinical pharmacist for the ICU. It was a strange adjustment moving from an intern salary to a 'REAL' salary, but we managed and the best part is that Kent likes his work. The hardest part of the job (any job really) is the politics, but Kent has maneuvered through that landmine nicely and it looks like we're there to stay for some time. His 'free' time has been spent on weight lifting (no, holding Keila and Isaac don't count - though it should!) and being a Scout Master. He just recently celebrated his 30th birthday.

I have been busy with kids, cleaning, kids, cleaning .... you get the idea. But along the way I've managed to spend some of my energy towards decorating our home which I found a daunting task initial but I'm starting to enjoy. I experiment with new recipes often and have taken to making my own yogurt, hummus and tzatziki. I still post on the blog whenever I get the chance, do a few crafts and keep up with my book club reading (it's my line of sanity) Plenty of stuff for a busy mom of two.

Isaac has grown up to be such a little man. He's in the 'what and why' stage, which is always amusing. I've often been amazed by how much he pays attention to in order to ask question. For example, while we were reading the 'Night Before Christmas' he kept asking me, "What is dash?" He's quite persistent until he gets a satisfactory answer and as a consequence, he's picked quite a vocabulary. Words such as shin, collarbone, cement and blinker (which he always points out when I don't use it while driving) His latest favorite phrase is "Not yet!" which is applied to any request you make. He loves going to his weekly 'playschool', reading books and being a big helper around the house when he'll proudly announce, "I'm working. Working hard!"

Keila ... well she was born, which is an achievement in and of itself. Perhaps it's because she's a second child, but she seems to have grown and developed over night. She holds her head up steady, can roll over on one side and just a day or two ago her first tooth poked it's nubby head out with the second one right next to it soon to be visible. She loves food already and adores Isaac. Simply by talking to her he can get a smile and a giggle. She's our little angel heart.

We're grateful for all the blessing the Lord gives us and excited for this upcoming decade. Happy New Year to one and all!

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  1. It sounds like a great year to me. Well done.

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