Thursday, January 7, 2010

Uncles and Aunts

Growing up anyone who was a family friend was addressed as and Aunt or Uncle thus making it extremely confusing to a child who was truly blood related. Joe, my brother who recently married, called to say he and his wife, Becky, wanted to visit for a few days. As always we try to prep Isaac for things and I explained that Uncle Joe and Aunt Becky were coming and that Uncle Joe was my brother. I showed him a picture and pointed out how similar we were in appearance in the hopes of conveying that Joe was related to him. I don't think this worked too well since while they were visiting, Isaac pointed out a middle aged Asian man and called him Uncle Joe. Then again, we Chinese do all look alike! ;0)

Regardless of fact, Isaac does know that Uncles and Aunt spoil him in ways that Mama and Papa never do. He adored Becky and Joe (especially Becky) to no end and since their visit our prayers have gotten even longer .... bless Uncle Matt, Aunt Margaret, Uncle Joe, Aunt Becky, Uncle Lee, Uncle Brian, Auntie Karri, Auntie Shannon.... and all their children too!

We went out to the Wildlife Zoo and captured a few shots with them.

Aunt Becky was Isaac's favorite as he'd grab her fingers and tow her anywhere saying, "Play with me!" I was worried she's have dislocated fingers after the visit.

As always I love touching the sea animals.

A nice shot of the beautiful Discus they have at the new aquarium.

Isaac with Uncle Joe.

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