Thursday, January 21, 2010


I love how children explore things. While at times it is rather crazy what they can get into, it's still fun (once you're over the shock) to see them discover the world around them. Isaac's starting to understand the differences between boys and girls. For example Mama and Keila wear flowers and he and Baba don't. I have pink toe nails and make-up and boys don't. Most of this has come as he plays around with the things in the bathroom. Some of them I'm hard pressed to explain (such as tampons) but he seems to accept my awkward explanation or finds a better use for them (stir sticks for his food toys!) Today he discovered the night guard I wear to prevent myself from grinding my teeth at night:

Mama: Isaac please don't touch anything.
Isaac: I'm just looking!

(a few clinking noises)

Mama: Isaac ... Isaac ... what are you doing?

(ominous silence - Isaac comes around the corner with an expression of terror)

Isaac: Mama?
Mama: Yes?
Isaac: Mama? Your TEETH!!!!!! (screaming ensues)

Speaking of teeth, this is Isaac sinking his into whatever remained of the cookies we were icing.

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