Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm Not Alone!

I use to think that playdates were really for the kids, but with this recent bout of sickness, I've decided that ultimately it's for the mother's sanity and the safety of the child! ;0) With the last few days of sleepless nights, battling a high fever and 2 fussy children, I've often wondered how the women of yesteryear did their job. They had less amenities, money and more kids and more work. How did they do it? How did they not go wonky and tear their hair out? The work of a housewife often seems futile and so there's something about being around other women who understand. (Can anyone hear the refrain: "You're not alone!") Funny how we live closer to others and yet we're more isolated than ever in our work. Thus is born the need for playdates and other such arrangements where a mother can have a 'normal' conversation for a few minutes of her day. Hooray for playdates!

Boredom giving birth to creativity!

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  1. I totally understand. Sometimes I wish I were a mommy so I could go on playdates too.

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