Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sibling Love

I love the cool weather we're finally getting here in AZ. It affords the opportunity to take some nice pictures while we're outside when the planets align and the 2 little ones are both awake and happy. They've both grown so much and Isaac has become such a loving brother, taking care to cover Keila with his favorite blanket, informing me when she's crying and unhappy (just in case Mama couldn't hear that!) and sharing toys (which really means he neatly piles them on her). He has such a tender heart. Keila is a little wary sometimes of his not so gentle affection, but otherwise loves to watch Isaac play. His chattering often has her bubbling her own language back. I'm sure it won't be always this way, especially once Keila is moving and playing with 'his' toys, but I hope they will always be dear friends when things really count.

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