Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's Not What it Looks Like

I took the opportunity while in Mexico to go for a run on the beach. It always seemed like the picture of vitality and good living. You know the scene, the rhythm of the waves, an long beach with only the early morning sun as company. Enamored thus with this image we arranged for me to go out alone.

At first it really was exhilarating. I loved the sea breeze and the call of seagulls circling for their breakfast. I was diverted with a few nicer dead shells and being the biologist I am, absolutely tickled to find live ones.

I found about 5 of these, all slightly hidden by seaweed and attempting to burrow deep with the tide headed out. I couldn't help but poke at the squishy mollusk and watching it slither into it's shell. I toyed with the idea of turning it upside down so the birds could get at it and then I could keep the shell, but that just didn't seem right, especially since i was suppose to be on a rejuvenating run.

I estimate that I did about a 3 mile run, while I typically go 4,and returned to my room happier and healthier woman. Just hours later I could feel vitality was diminishing in direct proportion to the a swelling and growing ache in my calves. Apparently when you're not accustom to running in sand, you stretch your Achilles tendon more than usual and hence the swelling. I guess I won't be running for a few weeks and that means all that extra food I ate while in Mexico will be sitting on my waistline a little longer. La sigh.

Sunset over the beach!

Isaac examining a tiny baby sanddollar.

Keila obviously didn't get the memo that we were on vacation and continued to wake up at 6 am, which meant she spent alot of time in the carrier on early morning walks so that Papa and Isaac could sleep longer. She soon learned to doze to the rhythm of my walking.

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