Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Changes Up Ahead

We've been so busy with life that it's often hard to find time to post about the big things coming our way, but here at last on vacation I have the chance. Kent is currently a jobless beach bum and we are loving the change! Unfortunately this is only to last the week until he moves on to another job with Banner Estrella on the 19 of April. This has really be in the works for months. We knew when he took the job at Maricopa through the company Complete Rx that it would be only a stepping stone to get us back to friends and family in AZ and for Kent to get the foot in the door for clinical work. It was a excellant starting job, one that gave plenty of experience to qualify Kent for anything we wanted, but it was also extremely demanding and between hours at the office and being on call, Kent was working well over 45 hrs a week. Once he was called as a Scoutmaster we knew something had to give and work, while rewarding, is not life. He heard about the opening at Estrella through a co-worker and before we knew it he was offered the position. In some ways Kent is a little afraid of all the 'free-time' he'll have on his hands. He'll still do the clinical work but the patients will less sick than what he has dealt with in the past. There will be no on-call time (thank heavens, I cursed the day he ever got that blackberry that has be a blight on our time every second it beeps day or night for his attention!) no more committee work and far fewer drug proposals than before. The pay is the same with benefits that are better. At long last, we as a family are excited to have Papa home more (mentally and emotionally) and he'll have the energy for house projects, Scouting and hobbies.

Speaking of house projects ... we have a major one in the works. We're looking into getting a larger home, something to settle into while the kids grow up. It's exciting to feel like the 'student' phase has finally ended and we putting roots down deep. Congrats on the new job my love!

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  1. HURRAY! What a great future ahead! SO happy for y'all! :)