Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Utterly Enchanted!

Picture a salty breeze, 70 degree weather, private beach with endless miles of 'treasures' for a little boy's delight, picturesque views from restaurants with amazing exotic food and accompanied by music and a spacious Master Suite that feels like a glorified apartment. We finally made it to Puerto Penasco and we have all falling love with it.

It was amazing we even made the trip. Kent's father would never venture across the border unless they were getting teeth pulled (Literally! Cheap dental work for a self-employed man) and then only under the greatest suspicion that he was sure to be mugged. Unfortunately Kent inherited view some of that but I was determined. I spoke with a girl in my ward who regularly vacations down here and it sounded like a quieter and cheaper version of California. Best of all our timeshare got us a unit for the week for only $200. But the night before we discovered we didn't have Keila's birth certificate and the following day we found ourselves visiting Urgent Care twice to figure out why she was crying inconsolably - she had 2 ear infections. Armed with antibiotics and all proper documents, we left Monday morning.

We were unprepared for what we got. We knew our timeshare gave good accommodations, but this was nothing like what we pictured for a 'one bedroom suite'. The site is beautiful (see and all entrances are secured ensuring that the beach area is exclusively for Mayan Palace guests.

These are photos of our living room dining room and kitchen. The couches have beds that pull out that Isaac has loved making into forts. Our bedroom is to the side with 2 sinks, bath and shower and a water closet.

Isaac is in heaven and wants to move here so he can dig and pick up shells F-O-R-E-V-E-R! Kent and I feel a little like we're newlyweds again without the distractions of chores, work and cleaning. And Keila, well she loves that she's adored at every turn. The little flirt has a sweet smile and a way of ducking her head shyly at all the attention she gets.

We've gone digging in the beach for shells three times already, eaten a wonderful Italian buffet accompanied by various native flutes, shopped for some jewelery for me and enjoyed fresh seafood, tortillas and pastries. The plan is to go swimming tonight and eat something in our 'vacation home' while Isaac makes forts with all the pillows and their couches.

She looks just like a precious moments doll!

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