Monday, August 24, 2009


I was asked the other day if Keila was an 'easy baby' compared with Isaac. My initial response was to say yes and yet as I thought on it more I changed my mind. First time motherhood was overwhelming given all the new experiences that a person would be inundated with almost daily. Nursing, bathing, diaper changing, doctor visits, jaundice, developmental markers, shots, sleep schedules/ lack of sleep, spit up, etc. The list is long and I remember feeling a bit like I was on a rickety raft holding for dear life, just grateful when I passed the next wave. Given my control issues, it's rather miraculous that I ever embarked on the adventure of parenthood! In the meantime, my poor firstborn had to bear with an ever anxious parent. I've come to see how I am the barometer in my home - when Mama's not happy ... no one is! It's become even more important to me that I find a center of peace, an anchor to ride the waves. It's also helped to know I'm in somewhat familiar terrain.

So in answering the question, yes, some things are easier, but not due to the temperament of the child, but to mine. I'm thankful to say that I've learned a little more faith and how to work in partnership with the Lord in raising a child. There will always be unknown territory ahead, but I'm better grounded ... at least for the moment! ;0) Ask me again tomorrow!

My angel heart girl in quiet slumber! She had her 2 week appointment today and she's already 8lbs and 1.5 ounces!

I found a great toddler activity book and 'painted toast' is one of Isaac's favorites. Use a few tablespoons of milk with a drop of food coloring and it's paint for white bread that we make into toast for lunch. This is Isaac's latest artwork!


  1. I like that painted toast idea! You are such a fun mommy. And Keila is sooo darling! I love sleeping pictures - they are just so sweet.

  2. That is a great idea with the whole toast thing! Congratulations on your new little Keila, how wonderful and exciting! It has been a little crazy in my life these last couple of weeks without my hubby and apparently I missed one of your posts...I am so excited you were able to have your little angel early! She is soo beautiful! Congrats again! Hang in there the first 6 weeks always seems to be the toughest in any birth...due to just trying to find a routine, schedule and well just about everything else as I am sure you remember... I hope you are getting a little sleep here and there and that you are recovering well! Good Luck and again Congrats on your sweet little addition!

  3. Keila is beautiful!!! Congratulations, friend!