Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Got Sleep?

So the exhaustion of dealing with constant pain and discomfort hit me like a cement truck today. I napped a half hour while 'cuddling' with Isaac for Calliou, same thing for Sesame Street and Curious George. Afterwards we snuggled and read books. I've read these books a million times so I thought, "I'll just rest my eyes" ... pretty soon I heard a rather confused, "Mama?". Apparently I'd continued the story without turning the pages. Isaac took to gently patting me on the cheek every now and then throughout the remainder of our reading time. ;0)

He showed no interest in going to the library so rather than fight him, I told him to come get me on when he wanted to go. Instead he played 'camping' with his panda and Nookie and I dozed AGAIN on the couch. We watched Word World ... and yep I slept and after lunch he and I took a 2 hour 'restful' nap. You'd think I'd gotten enough sleep by now, but I'm ready to slip back into quiet oblivion once more. Gotta get it while I can! I'm dilated to a 2 now and she dropped further once again ... we hope she come soon otherwise I may be worn out before then! Once consolation is that it won't take half the pushing to get her out ... she's already there!

Isaac has been such a sweetheart today and displayed such a nurturing side that I had to take pictures. He kept tucking his Panda and Nookie (Nanook dog) into bed and singing the lullaby that I sing every night. Then he'd wake them up to read books and play. I can see him be the great big brother he's going to be soon!


  1. Pregnancy wears me out. That last leg is killer. You are 100% validated in the multiple lengthy naps-- get all the rest you can! Isaac is a sweetie! So glad he's letting you rest. Good luck and best wishes as you await little gal's arrival... wish is wasn't so rough on ya.

  2. enjoy your rest as much as you can. Afeter baby comes, you will have a lot more engergy than you might think.

  3. Aug. 10: It sounds like you may have a baby by now!!!

  4. Hi Flo!! YOU ARE SOOOOOO CLOSE!!! How exciting to be holding your sweet little girl so soon... the not so exciting part is sleep is NO WHERE in the near future :) 2 has been harder than I expected it to be because of the lack of sleep and how I turn into "phsycho mom" when I'm overly tired :) The good thing though with the second is you know it's only temporary! Can't wait to see the pictures and how it all goes for this new little one! Good luck!