Sunday, August 2, 2015

Six Years with a Lily-bug!

My Bug-love turns six! It seems like yesterday when she'd snuggle up to me, duck her head under my chin and pat at me with her chubby little hands. Now she's turning into a beautiful, sensitive young lady.
Our Lily- bug is hard to get to know. The anxiety she deals with masks her tenderness but her siblings see it all the time. No one is more generous with toys or food than she is when Bud vies for it. Bubby loves to climb into her lap and plant wet kisses one her face while not so kindly combing her hair with his fingers. She always tolerates it well will gently extricate herself when needed. She is particularly loving with Pumpkin and watches carefully over her.
She has a brave heart and confronts her fears on her own terms. One of her biggest worries is learning to read. When she's relaxed she does great but freezes up under pressure. Often times I catch her practicing on a set of beginner readers, carefully sounding out words under her breath. It's this persistence that tells me she'll succeed when she really wants it.
We're so grateful to have her in our life. With the start of kindergarten there will be so much growth and changes for this girl. She will be mover and a shaker for sure!

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