Saturday, August 15, 2015

Happy Holiday - for Me!

Back to school is now herald as a new holiday of boundless joys for me! This last summer was insanity at times but we all survived and are all eager to get back to school.

Meet the teacher night: Keila now has Isaac's first grade teacher, Mrs. Kloft who handles the kids well and has a great relaxed personality. Isaac has already elaborated all her virtues for Bug so she is excited to some degree. I'm sure as things fall into a routine she will grow to love it.
Bud has Mrs. Patti for his teacher. While it was an extremely busy evening for her, she took the time to answer all of Isaac's questions. She's wonderfully organized and I hope this year between the two of us we can get Isaac some of those much needed skills.
First day shots are a must and even include Eli this year!
While dropping Keila off to class, I managed a few shots of Isaac going into his.
Pumpkin and I will relish the uninterrupted playtime and I will begin the task of slowly reclaiming the house! Happy back to school day!

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