Monday, March 28, 2011

Independent Little Man

Sometimes I wish I could tape the things my son says, it's cleaner and funnier than most comedians and dare I say it ... sometimes even wise.

Me: So, how was swim lessons today?

Isaac: (with arms raised to emphasis words and an exasperate sigh) It was a total
disaster ... TOTAL disaster. She made me put my head underwater!

Me: Why is that a total disaster?

Isaac: (shaking his headed) You just won't understand Mama.

Kent fessed up to using that 'disaster' phrase jokingly the other day but I'm pretty sure the dramatic flare is from me - for better or for worse!

In one of my less patient moments - here I am confessing to my faults publicly no less. Let's rephrase that, in one my moments where my alter ego, 'Superlovingpatientkindmama' was having a day off I came into the kitchen to find that my son had cut up paper in confetti sizes and scattered them all over the table and floor. My response was ... hmmmm - lets just say dramatic. Isaac with his headed tilted in that cute little way, took my hand and patting it said, "It's okay Mama, we can just clean up. Really, it's okay." This is a 3 year olds version of don't sweat the small stuff. :0)

He's really grown up in so many ways. I have to say that that incident happened after one of my frequent afternoon nap crashes. (and NO, I am not pregnant, I've checked that one!) There's been some strange abdominal pains at night so I tend to crash hard for and hour and half in the afternoons. Isaac was a little annoyed at first but he quickly adjusted, finding crafts to do on his own. In that time he's really shown how independent he's become. One day I found him with his treat bag down, he'd only eaten 4 dum dums and when I asked what he was up too he said, "I was just SO hungry so I thought I should eat something ... like a treat!" Then I turned to look for Sunshine our rabbit and found her seat covered in Cheerios. Isaac quickly said, "Sunshine was hungry too, so don't worry, I gave her Cheerios!" What can you do but smile. On another afternoon he was showing me the many presents he made for his friends. Apparently the tape wasn't where it usually should be so the gifts were wrapped with postage stamps. I've learned to smile and appreciate that he knows I need rest and is helping the best way he knows how. He's such a good kid.

Morning chores ... he's already coaching Keila to take over for him.

This was 'Flat Isaac' a preschool project for spring break. He had to color and cut and carry him around during the break and write a story of all their adventures. While some kids were overwhelmed with the idea of coloring or cutting their figures out, Isaac took to the task with pleasure.

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