Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Things We Do For Love

So .... I have an announcement ....I am officially 7 weeks pregnant. We had an ultrasound on Monday and I was relieved to see the fluttering of a tiny heart. That being said, pregnancy is much worse with age! Kent has noticed that compared with the other pregnancies I have been more nauseated and bothered by smells. The fatigue is CRAZY! The other day I donned my shoes, pulled out my purse and announced to the kiddos to grab their shoes, we were headed to the library. I sat down on the couch to wait and awoke 40 mins later to hear them happily playing in their room. When Isaac heard me he said in surprise, "Mama, your awake!" I'm so grateful that nothing was needed of me in that time and nothing more was done than a messy bedroom.

So.... when we decided to go on the ward camp out as a family, I was NOT looking forward to it! The idea of being around others when I felt nauseous, gross, anti-social and then topping it off a flimsy apparatus to pass as shelter thus ensuring I wouldn't get good sleep - I was NOT excited to say the least. But ... Keila had never had the camping experience (unless you count the fiasco we had last year - see second half of Lessons learned) and Isaac always wanted us to go as a family. The next opportunity would be at least 2 years from now and really, what was my discomfort in the face of good ole family bonding time. So we packed up and went off for the adventure.

I didn't get a good night's sleep, the nausea was worse for it but there was so much that I would have missed out on. The site was perfect, the weather was gorgeous and there was so much fun to be had for everyone. I wandered around trying to catch the moments with the camera and couldn't be more pleased with the results.

Keila testing out the coziness of the cot. Pei-pei (Blankie) makes EVERYTHING better!

Isaac and Alex pleased as can be at the result of their digging. Do you see their dance of joy?

Keila loves Nala, our neighbor's dog. Whenever she wandered off, it was always with "Na-Na!" and if not with her, you could always hear her calling the dog loudly.

Isaac's favorite part of camping - Smores!!!

Keila hates being a mess and couldn't appreciate the treat. She'd take one bite, drop it and yell, "Sicky, sicky, wash hands!"

The warden has just come around to talk to the kids about not picking the flower. Isaac felt bad so he spent a good deal of his morning replanting them. He's such a sweetie!

Keila donning Baba's hat in all her camping grubbiness!

We stopped in a field of flowers to try and take some family pictures. Everyone was much too tired and campish to feel like posing much, but there were a few nice shots.

So here's to the things we do for love ... it's worth it in the end!


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  2. Oh, Flo, congrats again and again!!! Pregnancy is no fun, but so excited you're expecting another little one!

    I know you don't hear from me much, but I enjoy keeping up with your family and am often inspired by your thoughts and relate to you mother anecdotes. : ) I think you're a pretty dang amazing lady and I'm glad to know you!!

    Sending love and hopes for morning sickness to be short lived!

  3. Oh! Hooray for camping and babies. I'm so sorry to hear that pregnancy gets harder as you age (for both our sakes!). May the force be with you as you grow this little one.

  4. Congrats, Flo! I love your story about zonking out on the couch while the kids held down the fort.

    Have you tried sea bands for the nausea? As for the fatigue, the only recommendation I can give is to keep sneaking in those naps!!