Thursday, November 29, 2012


One of the things I miss most about Canada is that thanksgiving is held at the beginning of October. It's the first to the fall/winter holidays and isn't lost in the shuffle between Halloween and Christmas. The idea so celebrating gratitude for our blessings is really important to me since I'm not so good about it on a daily basis. We always put up our blessing tree and nightly added blessings to it. We had a lovely meal the day of and lounged about playing wiht the kids and then the following day we made a major Black Friday purchase. After nearly four years without a television, we bought one as a part of our early Christmas present. That evening we enjoyed Phineas and Ferb without squinting at a computer screen. The thing is HUGE! And now I can't help but ask the kids in a deep bass voice if they want to watch, "on the BIG SCREEN TV".

The following day we went out for dim sum and some play time in Encanto Park. They have an amusement area called Enchanted Island made for young toddlers and so considerable time was spent deciding which would be the 5 best rides to spend their tickets on.

It was clear Keila was more eager to try the "cary" rides so long as she could convince Isaac to go with her. With some urging from us they hopped on a dragon 'roller coaster'. Honestly the dragon head was much more terrifying than the ride). Keila proudly got on saying, "I be brave!" towing Isaac reluctantly behind her. They sat in their respective seats, Isaac resigned to his much dreaded fate. I think reality hit keila all of a sudden and this terrified look crossed her eyes as she decided to get out as quickly as possible. Isaac watched her go, rather bewildered and suddenly shout, "hey, I'm not going if Keila's not going!" And that was that! Kent and I tried to encourage them to try again but neither would hear anything about it.

Actually she looks terrified in most of the pictures with the exception of the carousel.

Little man was tuckered out. He loves looking around at the outdoors.

We wandered the park some more and caught a few nice pictures of Isaac chasing birds and a cutie boy with a smooshed nose sleeping on Mama.

Thankful for relaxing holidays!

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