Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Turning Eight?!

I can't believe my first little man will be turning eight. It seems like it was only yesterday when he arrived, thrusting Kent and I into the amazing adventure of parenthood. He is ever the bright and enthusiastic soul and I'm so grateful to have him in our lives.
He has matured so much in this last year. it shows in how he interacts with his siblings, taking time to keep Leora entertained and happy, playing with Eli on a level he can understand and showing a generosity of character to Keila when it would be so much easier simply to be unkind. He is starting to take responsibility for his choices and the consequences that come with it. It makes me proud when he owns his own choices and you see him glow a little when he knows it.
This particular birthday has great significance as Isaac has chosen to be baptize in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I've watched him grow in sensitivity to the Spirit and it makes me happy to see him truly want to make the promises of standing as a witness of God and keeping his commandments.
Being a first born child I've often reflected how hard parents can be on that child, simply because we are new at everything with them. I'd like to say we weren't that way with Isaac but I'm afraid we're not. We love him though and I'm m particularly grateful for his forgiving nature, his kind heart. He's is such a bright young man and with his tender soul he makes me proud. Love you bud!

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