Monday, October 12, 2015

Down Syndrome Walk 2015

The annual Down Syndrome walk came upon me much too fast. With four kiddos on my hands I had very little time to think of fundraising this year. We will have to try again next year but we did achieve something new, this was the first year the entire family went on the walk around the stadium. In past years there were pregnancy issues, hurt ankles or growing pains, etc but we all went this time around, I just wish we had the pictures to prove it! (see prior post)
The kids had a blast playing on bounce houses, carnival games, eating snow cones and cotton candy. Pumpkin was in heaven with this fluffy delight with her sweet tooth. Kent couldn't feed it to her fast enough. The only thing the kids lamented was the loss of Blue Bell ice cream for which they always talk about having days before the walk. Our stint in Houston has defined our taste of this creamy cold treat and will never be the same. Hopefully they will begin shipping out this way soon, otherwise his shirt may just need to be worn in our household.
Our DS family has grown and I'm always so happy to see them and interact with them. How grateful we are to have Eli to bring us this whole other world!
Photo courtesy of Sharing Down Syndrome of AZ

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