Thursday, August 11, 2016

Bug-love is Seven!!

This beautiful young girl just turned seven!!

I remember how years ago I have discovered I was pregnant with her that I felt terrified because I had only brothers and had no idea how to raise a girl.  Now I'm so grateful to have her and she has opened up a world to me that is beautiful because we share the bond of being women.

The day began with her requested breakfast berries and whip cream on pancakes.  She opened her gift and with all her newfound skills of braiding she now has a means to practice without torturing her little sister who has struggled to keep the little hair that she has!

We did our family lunch at Peter Piper's Pizza and had plenty of fun with the games. Bubby snuggled up to watch some Olympic basketball

This year's cake theme was a  butterfly but the hardest thing was she wanted an ice cream cake.  I played around with ideas while she was gone on a campout I tried my hand and layering the two and decorating quickly with real whipped cream and candies.  She was pretty happy with the results.

A small birthday playdate was planned with her requested tea party with butterfly cookies, PB&J or grilled cheese sandwiches.  The girls had a blast playing dress up and Isaac had fun with his friend Santi who was due back to Honduras with his cousin Cami the following day.  Those two were some of the best summer playmates for my kiddos!

She is really becoming such a lovely young woman!  Since we've begun to homeschool she's blossomed in ways without the added weight of social drama and anxiety.  She's sensitive and eager to learn, particularly when it comes to things that bring about greater social awareness.  She has always been generous to everyone around her, particularly her siblings no matter how annoying they may be.  There's a power when an individual discovers their own inherent worth as a child of God and I've seen her grow in that way.    I'm so proud to be her Mama and she has taught me much in her brief 7 years.  I'm sure she'll be an amazing woman someday!

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