Friday, April 21, 2017

Easter 2017

With our lives so busy all the best laid plans tend to disappear as quickly as they appear in my mind.  In other words, they are often passing thoughts!  I had hoped to make Easter a more meaningful celebrations especially since it is the time we honor our Savior and his sacrifice for us all.  Sadly the scriptural easter egg hunt never came to fruition, the hoped for fancy Easter meal was simply a meal (just glad everyone was fed!) and we barely remembered to dye eggs!  We did try the silk tie dyeing method but I think Kent's ties were simply too old to transfer much of any color!
But we did make memories - good ones!  And sometimes I think is more than enough.  Lectures never really stick, elaborate crafts and food get forgotten but the feelings of love are remembered in heart and mind.

We did the annual Easter egg hunt at the sport complex.  I always love the mad dash you see with the older kids.  This was Pumpkin's first and she was excited when she learned it was all about candy.  They even held a special needs one at the end and Bubby understood what the task was quite well.  While he's not that fond of candy, his siblings are and his bounty will be shared with all - especially Mom and Dad!!

Oh the anxiety of waiting for the countdown to the dash!

Bubby just ran into the middle of it all, plopped down on the ground and cleared the area immediately surrounding him.  There was very little competition and after a sample or two he ran around the ball field like he was going for a homerun!

There were plenty of games for everyone and a gated place where Bubby could run free enjoy himself.  Occasionally he joined in.  Monkey see big sister do .... 

Monkey do!

Pumpkin was shy trying but when she saw there was candy or a prize for doing the game .... she was ALL in!

Bud is outgrowing these sorts of things and wanders about looking for something challenging.  It's hard to get a shot of him but I managed to catch this one.  Apparently our hyperactive boy lacks the steady hand to place the ring around the bottle top and stand it up, but he sure had fun trying several times.

This brave girl had to get a shot with the BIG bunny!!

Our bunny this year had brought all the supplies but lacked both time and energy to hid them so this year the oldest two helped out and it warmed my heart to see them take on this role.

I am so grateful for this time of year when we can pause and remember that I owe so many of these happy times and blessings to my Savior and his sacrifice that makes these things eternally possible.  Happy Easter 2017!

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