Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chores are a Chore!

Motherhood is such an adventure with each child, every day that sometimes I'm amazed I make it okay. The following is a typical response from Keila with regards to her morning chore.

"Time for chores."

"Awwww ... no, no, NO!" Accompanied by vigorous shakes of the head. A meltdown begins as I drag the chair over to the counter for her put away the utensils. She reluctantly grabs a knife bangs our her displeasure. When no response is forthcoming her body loses form as her bones magically disappear from her body. She hangs dangling legs on one side and her wailing head on the other. The siren shows no sign of stopping.

Unfortunately her older brother has broken in Mama well and so I continue with breakfast as if nothing strange has occurred (because indeed nothing strange is occurring, this is a daily event!) Cute little chubby hands reach out and sink tiny nails into any passerby. This earns her the famous time-out 'corner' where her siren wail changes pitch to one of deep despair. It dawns on her that Mama is just as stubborn or more so than her.

Two minutes later she's back on the chair while Mama hands her each utensil individually. With tears streaming, nose running, her wet little hands stacks them in place. I cringe with how unsanitary it is but to stop her now to wash her hands would mean bracing for another round. It's not worth it. Somehow things get done and huge sigh of relief from both parties. It only takes 25 minutes! Keila's beaming smile fills her face as she echos everyone sentiment and shouts a loud "Hooray"!

Another day begins. I sigh as I set everything up for the chores. Resigned to the need to teach the value of work, yet dreading the job multiplied by ten, I pour out a cup of chocolate milk. Just a little bit of bribery to smooth the way. Wouldn't you know it, less than 5 minutes later, the job is done and a cold brown mustache graces a smiling girl's face. Really, how bad can bribery be?! ;0)

This cutie sure loves Mama's homemade hummus!

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