Thursday, August 4, 2011

Big Girl Bed!

Our baby girl has made the leap to a big bed. I worried needlessly about how she'd do, but everything Isaac does is ALWAYS the best (which includes standing when he wee wees - a problem given her physical limitations and now I'm struggling to convince her otherwise!) so it was only natural that she'd move to big bed. It was a cheap thing we bought off of Craiglist and then built our own head and foot boards. It's amazing what things you can learn on line, like how to remove laminate (as seen here, so easy!)

Just using a wet cloth and a hot iron, peel and pull!

The original head board was just like this drawer with a cheesy plastic blue strip. We changed the drawers into ...

this! Paint, paint and more paint. It was fun.

We re-did the head board and made a foot board to go. In total I think the project cost us about $100 but it'll be her bed until she leaves home. It's extremely high, but she LOVES it. Even Isaac, who has a fear with heights, is envious. I

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