Thursday, December 15, 2011

Run, Run, Fast as you Can

I love volunteering in Isaac's preschool. It's given me so many opportunities to learn from the teachers how to better raise my children and helped me to see how truly hard it is to make little bodies do what they know they should. It's that whole 'natural man' thing - naturally we don't want to share, or make order out of chaos (in other words - clean up) We're all naturally egocentric and as I've watched others teach my children these concepts and help them to change, I am filled with gratitude for what it does for them and for our home. I've also learned to let go and let them have a little more of the childhood that is so brief. This means the simple joys (often messy ones!) that are fun and creative.

Isaac has always loved the story of the gingerbread man and has read every version I can find in the library. For the heck of it, Isaac and I baked up gingerbread men one afternoon while Keila napped. I made up colored icing that they could squeeze out of a Ziploc bag to take to school for the kids to enjoy. Unfortunately I was only in the playroom with Keila and didn't get to see Isaac decorating his little man, but it was fun to see them share it with their friends.

As expected with the younger age in the playroom, they just piled the colorful icing in one spot for a good jolt of sugar in the eating of it!

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