Sunday, December 4, 2011

What's Your Bet?

Little Thumper is the nickname I always give my babies while they're in the womb. For whatever reason, they have a knack of finding my cervix and their little feet start tapping out a dance so I feel as I have the conga going inside me. With Isaac, this was an all day and night event, with particular highlights after meals and during the first few hours of 'sleep'. In fact the few time he'd pause to rest had me worried that he'd somehow strangulated himself with the umbilical cord. Keila was a post-mealtime kicker (as if to say, "there's only so much room in here!") and just before bedtime stretcher and dancer. For those who have seen her, she is incredibly limber and this was obvious from the odd shapes my belly would contort into as she did her nighttime yoga.

This pregnancy has been different altogether. I wonder if it was that i was too busy with the 2 little ones to notice the movement, but on our recent trip to Vegas where there was plenty of down time I realize that this little one is just calmer. The movements are gentler nudges and shifts as if to say hello. Even at night, when I expect the most movement it is just the odd kick here and there and a little push. I think that's why it took me to nearly 18 weeks before I felt anything.

This has Kent and I thrilled with the possibility that we might have a calmer child (for once!) and that the transition into have 3 will be easier than we think. There are a number of things that have us a little anxious about this extra addition. For one thing, Kent has just moved into a management position that will have him gone an evening about once a week. This combined with the MBA program he is interested in starting in April along with his Scoutmaster duties will make for a tight schedule. The idea of having 3 children at home to tend to just makes me tired and to have one that will be laid back and easy going will be a nice reprieve. I suppose that only time will tell. No matter what though, everyone is excited for this little one. Isaac has suggest all sorts of strange names for it and anytime Keila get the chance she yells a hello to my belly for baby to hear.

We went as a family to the last ultrasound at 20 weeks last Tues. Isaac really enjoyed seeing the little one and it's heart beating. Previous to going Kent and I had been debating whether or not to find out the gender of the child. With one of each I was happy to be surprised in the old-fashion way, but Kent argued that he felt more bonded to the child if he knew the gender and could have the name pick out already. We went for a compromise and had the ultrasound tech seal up the info in an envelope. I delivered it to one of my best friends who will bake the answer into a cake. So in about 2 months from now we will cut open a cake with a few friends share in the delightful discovery of either pink/blue icing. I will have some element of surprise and Kent will have the last trimester to feel a sense of bonding. Anyone care to take bets on what we're having?


  1. Gosh do I KNOW your thoughts and feelings these days...I am anxious, nervous, excited etc. but keep getting sick and don't feel like I feel this little one as much, SOOO I am PRAYING that mine little guy will be a little calmer too, My Rohnin IS A HANDFUL, and the thought of having 2 crazy little boys, scares! Oh the adventures that await me! I SOO thought I was having a girl for several reasons, and BOY was I surprised! SO I am going to guess a girl for you! let me know, PLEASE oh and they moved my due date to April 19th when is your little one due?

  2. You are the best Momma! I think it is a boy.
    Brynlee # 3 for us has been our most mellow baby the transition to 3 has gone pretty well.
    Here's to a mellow one for you as well.